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5 Reasons Your Business Needs a Managed File Transfer Solution

Data comes as the most important asset for your business. As you go along your organizational working and workflows, you are faced with the need to manage and transfer your data files across systems internally as well as to external agents like your clients and customers. In order to efficiently meet these file transfer and management requirements, you need a robust and functional solution.

There have been many file transfer solutions available, the earliest and most used of all being the file transfer protocol, later coming with other versions such as the secure file transfer protocol. However, when you use these solutions, you cannot be sure of the security of your data, which if compromised, can jeopardize your overall workflows and operations.

In this corporate scenario, where everything is very competitive, and there are hackers and attackers always eyeing your important and confidential data, it becomes very important for you to work in highly secure environments which necessitates the need for advanced solutions such as Managed File Transfer for meeting your data transfer requirements.

What is Managed File Transfer Solution?

Managed File Transfer is a high-tech data transfer solution integrated with the capability of automation along with support for secure transfer protocols such as HTTPS and SFTP as well as administrative controls to help manage the secure transfer of sensitive, compliant, confidential, and high-volume data files across systems.

These solutions come in very handy when you have business needs and requirements like:

1. Secure File Exchange between entities and business partners.
2. Ability to have absolute control over your file transfers.
3. Meet file transfer compliance requirements of various organizations and agencies.
4. Integration with industry-wise standard file transfer protocols like FTP, HTTP, HTTPS, SFTP, FTPS, etc.

For a fact, these abovementioned requirements are faced by every organization in every industry vertical which makes it important for your business to have a Managed File Transfer Open Source Solution in place.

Why Should You Opt for Open Source Managed File Transfer Solution?

Open Source Solutions are available for free use and you can have better control over it. You have the access to source codes and you can easily change and customize them to your specific business needs and requirements.
These factors make open-source managed file transfer solutions more preferable to the businesses.
Here are some more reasons that your business must take a managed file transfer solutions to lead business growth and success.

5 Reasons to Use Managed File Transfer Solution

High Data Security

Data Security comes as a crucial aspect for every organization and is also a pain point when it comes to file transfers. Hackers and Attackers always have an eye on business critical information and databases and they keep trying to get their way into the sensitive and confidential files. When these files are on the move from one system to another, the data and information becomes more vulnerable causing a big security threat.

Managed File Transfer solutions eliminate these pain points with its high-security features. The solution offers a well-built strategy for a secure transfer with real-time monitoring along with putting security policies in place that make sure that the data does not become vulnerable at any stage of the transfer.

Additionally, the security policies are implemented in the systems in a manner to be operative at all times and not only during the transfer. This makes sure that even when your files are just residing in your database, they are safe and secure with all necessary encryption, passwords, and authorization.

Meeting Compliance Requirements

There are different industry standards, rules, laws, and protocols for the regulation and management of different industry verticals. These standards and laws such as Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), Sarbanes Oxley Act (SOX), Basel II, Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS), etc., have very stringent data security policies and standards which require you to comply with requirements such as data encryption, data monitoring, etc.

A managed file transfer solution possesses all these capabilities along with advanced administrative controls to entirely protect your sensitive and confidential data and files and meet with all the compliance requirements. Basically, MFT is an easy way for you to keep up with secure as well as compliant data transfers.

Automation and Other Technologies

Technology is at its core in today’s fast paced business environment and that does bring complexity in the file transfer processes. The recent growth and advancement the technology has seen in the form of big data analytics, cloud applications, IoT, etc., create the need for having premium, high quality data transfer solutions that could support the large file size and huge volume of data generated, which definitely brings in issues and problems in meeting the file transfer requirements.

However, where technology brings in complexity, it definitely creates the ways for overcoming those issues with yet another technological innovation, which in this case scenario came in the form Managed File Transfer Solution.

MFT has the capabilities of automation and other advanced features and functionalities that easily support the transfer of huge volume of data in a highly secure environment with a real time monitoring and absolute control. Additionally, not only can you transfer the files, but with automation capabilities of the MFT solutions, it is easier for you to schedule the transfers for a later time period as well, which would help manage the data in a much better fashion, making sure that the data reaches everyone at the right time and is put to most productive usage. The automation also frees up the human resources who can then invest their time in more productive and strategical tasks than performing the mundane jobs of carrying out file transfers.

Accelerated and Easier Data Transfers

As the technology has enhanced, the file sizes have increased and there is an ever-growing need to move files and databases within and outside the operational settings of your organization. However, as these requirements increase, the file transfer process keeps degrading because for a fact, larger and more files will take up longer periods of time to reach their destinations. This can impact your business adversely to some extent for there shall be several instances where your data transfer goal would fail due to the lack of time or an urgency for the database, information, or file, which took too long to get transferred only because of its larger size.

MFT helps you cope up with this issue by facilitating quick, secure, and transparent transfers of files and databases irrespective of their size. Moreover, the solution supports multiple platforms which gives you workability across multiple verticals thereby easing out the data transfers while also accelerating them.

Enhanced Operational Efficiency

Since your data transfer become easier, accelerated, secure, and compliant, you are simply able to enhance the efficiency in your operations and lead the path for business growth and success. Additionally, the visibility that MFT offers through real-time monitoring of your file transfers comes as an added benefit. As you constantly monitor the transfers, any discrepancies, glitches, or potential threats are instantly visible to you and you can take corrective actions beforehand to ensure that the security of your data is never compromised. This level of data security definitely gives in for operational efficiencies and business success.


Data and data transfers remain at the core for any business. It is through relevant data and information that you have at your hands that you are able to get deep insights into the industry trends, features, functionalities, growth, and other statistics. These trends and statistics create the roadmap for you to design and implement your action plan and take a step towards business growth and success.

So, the importance of your files and data, as well as the transfer of the same, cannot be neglected at any time and you definitely need secure solutions to maintain efficient data transfer within your organization. Managed File Transfer Solution comes as the most promising and secure solution for meeting data transfer needs which makes it a must-have, must implement a solution for your business.

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Mitisha Agrawal

Mitisha Agrawal

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