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How BIRT Reporting Tool Can Simplify and Enhance Business Reports?



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Business Reporting comes as an important aspect of software, applications, and workflow management in an organization. As the organizations carry out their workflows, they need to monitor the performance of their applications and generate reports based on the data collected from these applications to get insights into the overall application functioning and operational performance.

However, the generation of these reports is not as easy to go as it may sound. Businesses have complex needs and requirements when it comes to creation of business reports. Business reports have a crucial part in serving as a foundation for important business decisions and thus are very important, and it’s equally important that the requirements of organizations in relation to this task be entirely met.

Requirements for Business Reporting

Some of the major requirements that organizations have when it comes to business reporting are as under:

1. Highlighted Elements

Top Managers in the organization who are the most prominent users of business reports don’t have the time to go through the entire report. What they need is the important points that actually need their attention to be highlighted within the reports based on a certain value of that particular element or some other value in relation to that element.

2. Hidden Elements

Many times, business reports are made public, however, it’s not necessary to disclose each and every element of the reports. Business’ internal information and data contained in the report needs to be hidden before the report is made open for external parties and organizations. So, there is need for the report to hide some elements of it which contain sensitive, confidential data.

3. Need for Visualization

Visualization plays a key role in business reporting. Businesses want reports with detailed visuals like graphs, charts, images, etc., representing the relevant statistics and data in a more analytical form. Moreover, organizations look for consistency in reports for which it’s important to keep the same fonts throughout the report or have common font styles for each of the similar element in the report so that these same elements are clearly recognizable.

With these specific requirements, business reporting turns out to be a complicated task to accomplish. Most organizations have to invest in high-functioning, high-performing applications or portals based on Java or some other language to enable the features of custom reporting and other necessary integration. Building these applications is a big deal because it requires a lot of technical knowledge and coding. Moreover, with so many technicalities involved, working with these applications would not be easy either which keeps the complexities in business reporting as is.

BIRT Reporting Tool has transformed this business reporting process entirely into making it easier, simplified, and more enhanced and efficient. With BIRT Solution, you can easily support a wide range of your complex business reporting requirements using advanced features and functionalities offered by the solution.

How BIRT Simplifies Business Reporting?

Business Reporting remains at its core for the organizations to analyze their critical business information, data, and operations for the purpose of decision making and future planning to lead business growth and success. With that importance, it’s critical that businesses are able to generate reports that are detailed and meets with their specific requirements. And while the reporting requirements are complex, businesses want to keep report creation a simple and easy process so that they can move to quick operations without many efforts. This is where BIRT Reporting Tool comes in.

BIRT is an open-source reporting tool powered by Eclipse and caters to creating detailed and intelligent business reports. It has advanced business intelligence capabilities that help create feature rich web applications for business reporting as per the specific business requirements.

With all the features of the BIRT Reporting Tool, it gives in a great deal in simplifying the business reporting for the organizations. Here are some of the major features of BIRT that make it so beneficial for the organizations.

Features of BIRT

It is an Open Source Software

BIRT is an open source which means you are free to use it based on your organizational needs and requirements. All you need to do is install and configure the BIRT Reporting solution in your systems and then you are all set to leverage it for creating stellar business reports.

It has Advanced Components for Reporting

BIRT has two major components viz., Report Designer and Report Server that majorly contribute to simplified business reporting with it. The report designer enables the users to quickly create visuals like charts and graphs and make rich analytical reports that give better and clearer insights into the data presented. The report server on the other hand enables you to deploy the report designs from a centrally located web server and then deliver them through a Java application or a single server environment. This ultimately gives higher accessibility to and availability for the reports.

It has Features for Customization and Conditional Reporting

BIRT helps you to customize your reports as per your specific business needs with features and tools like computed columns, input and output parameters, scripting, filtering, etc. These customizations help add personal touch to the reports and make them more presentable. Moreover, it provides conditional formatting options through which you can highlight, hide, and map elements in your reports. This feature is important to meet the very specific business requirements of highlighted texts and visualizations in your business reports. Going by the traditional ways, you would have to go through a lot of technicalities and coding to create an application that would provide you these features, which is a complex process. BIRT just makes it easier by providing in built features to meet these requirements.

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While business reporting comes with complex requirements, you need not worry about meeting them when you have the BIRT Reporting Tool. With all its features, BIRT serves as an easy interface for report creation and goes a long way in simplifying the business reporting thereby catering to better reports for enhanced business operations that will ultimately drive business growth and success.


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