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How Salesforce Experience Cloud Integration Boosts Productivity in Business?

More than 150,000 companies have grown their businesses by shaking hands with Salesforce. Developed and customer-preferred companies like IBM, Amazon Web Services, Toyota, T-Mobile and many more are now fans of Salesforce. So, if an organization wants to become the next big fish in its industry, incorporating Salesforce Experience Cloud Integration into the company is a must. This guide contains everything needed to know about the Salesforce Experience Cloud Integration for moving towards business success. 

Why the World Needed Salesforce?

Years ago, humans used to manage data manually by writing and storing it in files, which, of course, made them unable to use all of the available data. Fast forward to computer invention, companies shifted their data management to Excel sheets and documents, which was again time-consuming and inefficient. This was the time when customer relationship management (CRM) appeared as a lucrative option. Hosting on the company’s server CRMs became a challenge again. So, the final & all-in-all solution was to develop cost-effective CRM software and offer it to businesses online in the form of service. Today, businesses can name it Salesforce, and it was the core idea behind its development. 

What Experience Cloud Brings to the Table?

Day-to-day advancement in technology has changed the way businesses interact with their customers in recent years. People spend most of their time on social media platforms, resulting in a generation of sales online. So, to remain alive in the industry, businesses are rapidly investing in digital technologies. However, to cope well with this challenge, connectivity with the Salesforce Experience Cloud Integration is a go-to option. Its robust features and flexibility in use have made it a way for a company to enhance customer engagement, sales and operation efficiency. Following are a few common cases an organization may know about this wonderful integration:  

1- Partner Portals

Imagine a shared office space where every business partner owns a desk, tools and resources needed to operate, collaborate and communicate. This is all that the Salesforce Experience Cloud Partner Portal brings to the table. Businesses can easily create portals for their partners using Salesforce experience cloud service. These portals will enable business partners to collaborate with the teams and access important information and marketing resources. Through these portals, sharing business leads and opportunities just becomes a piece of cake. So, promote stronger partnerships by using Salesforce for better partner engagement.

2- Customer Communities

The most important step after generating a sale is customer retention. A recent survey of  State of the Connected Customer  report says that 88% of customers value the experience a company provides equally important as the product or services it offers. To make customers feel valued, Salesforce helps businesses to develop customer communities. It can help customers to get access to personalized content, communicate with other users, avail self-service resources, and find support. So, to improve customer satisfaction and a customer feedback forum to monitor their needs in real-time, Salesforce Experience Cloud Integration is an ultimate choice. 

3- Employee Communities

A company’s communication with employees is always a question mark for the businesses. Improper vertical and horizontal communication can reduce employee operational efficiency. In order to cope with this, Salesforce Experience Cloud offers businesses a feature to create in-house employee communities. Enhanced business productivity and experience cloud are both parallel terms because it will help workers to update themselves with company-wide announcements. Employees can get access to training materials and resources through the communities created using Salesforce. So, to enhance employee engagement and productivity, Salesforce is the best pick. 

Salesforce Lightning Apps

It’s the dream of almost every organization to increase its credibility and make its customers rely on it. Salesforce provides lightning apps feature to make businesses’ dreams come true. A mobile application can enhance convenience and engagement whether users are accessing their order details or status or submitting support tickets. For this reason, Salesforce Experience Cloud helps businesses develop company-based mobile applications. For a better organizational environment, customers, partners and employees can have mobile access to everything needed for them to perform exceptionally through these apps. Except that Salesforce Lightning Apps also help to connect with other business applications like CRM and ERP systems. 

Benefits of Using Salesforce Experience Cloud

Salesforce cloud service is designed to provide unique advantages to streamline the journey of customers throughout the sale. Following are the key perks a company can enjoy by incorporating Experience Cloud: 

1- Seamless Integration

The convenience Salesforce Experience Cloud provides is its integration with other Salesforce products. It seamlessly connects itself with the Sales Cloud and Service Cloud to offer a unified platform for better customer management. So, the core value that Experience Cloud strives to provide is smartness and convenience. 

2- Scalability and Customization

Changing and expansion in organizational processes are the daily life practice. So, when it comes to customization in business operations, Experience Cloud has proved itself a top performer. It will help a company to increase the number of communities per company’s needs. Its multiple customization features will also assist organizations to tailor their platforms according to their specific requirements. 

3- Trusted and Secure

The safety of customer data is the most important factor to make businesses credible and customer preferred. Salesforce, the most trusted platform, has proven security systems to ensure the safety of customer data within Experience Cloud. So, companies working with Salesforce trust Salesforce because of its robust security features. 

Case Study: Story of Salesforce & Spotify

Spotify has claimed that its advertising techniques and methods were highly manual and inefficient. Their professionals were facing the music because fruitless advertisements were impacting the client-centric nature of the company. Considering Salesforce as a life-saver option, Spotify now has improved their processes and delivers its audience an optimal experience. 


Summarizing the whole point, Salesforce Experience Cloud Integration has changed the business operations needed to succeed in the industry. It has won the trust of globally developed companies like IBM and Toyota to dynamic platforms like Spotify. By facilitating seamless integration, providing scalability and ensuring high-end security, Salesforce is now the moon of every business’ eye. A company can avail connectivity with Salesforce Experience Cloud to enhance partner collaboration, customer engagement, and employee productivity. So, to cope with digital transformations, an organization must ensure that its business is competitive and customer-centric. All that a company need is the recipe that Salesforce can serve in the best possible manner. 


“One of the ways Deloitte was able to respond to COVID-19 was with EngageNow, an employee communications and engagement hub powered by Salesforce technology. As our needs evolve, the platform easily adapts, which is critical as we adjust to this new normal.”



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