How to Create Feature-Rich Applications with Cordova App Development?

Cordova App Development
When it comes to mobile applications, you know that you are playing in a very strong and competitive marketplace. Even with the ability of mobile applications to create a strong presence and visibility, you can stand a chance only when you have a feature-rich application with advanced functionalities.

If we come down to creating a list of functionalities and features that are critical for achieving success with your application, it’s going to look something like this:

  • Cross-Platform Application
  • Responsive Application
  • Consistent with Your Existing Business Website
  • Push Notifications
  • Smart Searches
  • Easy User Interface
  • High Speed and Low Page Load Time
  • Secure Application
  • …and this can be a much longer list
  • Above all these requirements, another thing that comes as an important factor is your budget. So, you need to put a lot of things into consideration when going for Mobile App Development.

    With such vast requirements, one thing you know is Native App Development will not be the best way to go. As you need a cross-platform application that is highly compatible with different devices and has advanced functionalities and features, you need to go with hybrid application development, and when it comes to that, there’s nothing better than Cordova.

    What is Cordova?

    Cordova is an open-source app development tool that helps create feature-rich hybrid applications with ease and flexibility. Unlike in native app development where you are required to have technical knowledge and understanding of the native language of the platform you are working on, Cordova makes it easy to work with languages like HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. So, basically, you can work on Cordova and create stellar mobile applications even by using your web development knowledge, experience, and expertise.

    Moreover, the platform comes with a number of plugins which just make it simple to add up to the functionalities and features of your application. With the use of Cordova plugins, you can easily make your application interacts with the ability to integrate with other mobile features like camera, geolocation, notifications, and alerts, etc. This in turn enhances app performance and helps deliver excellent user experiences.

    Furthermore, since Cordova works on HTML, CSS, or JavaScript codes, it’s easy to reuse the codes for multiple platforms. This makes Cordova App Development faster and more cost-effective as well, thereby keeping you within your budget.

    With all these features, Cordova just makes app development a breeze for you and is definitely the best way to create feature-rich mobile applications.

    Here are some more features that you can leverage with Cordova that throw light on how you can develop feature-rich applications with this platform.

    How Cordova Helps in Creating Feature-Rich Applications?

    Targets Multiple Platforms

    One of the major requirements for application success in the competitive business environment is the ability of the app to run on multiple platforms. Cordova uses HTML, CSS, and JavaScript codes for the development of applications that are easily reusable and can be leveraged on any number of platforms. So, with Cordova, you can go on with a single code structure that will work alike with all platforms be it Android, iOS, or Windows. This gives you a hybrid application and offers a reach to all kinds of mobile users thereby working much better for your visibility and availability to all your customers.

    A Fully Functional, Flexible, Plugin Architecture

    This plugin architecture of Cordova is the essence of the creation of feature-rich applications. Basically, to enable the features of your hybrid application on native devices, you need to use plugins. Cordova has an inbuilt plugin architecture to help you with this. Using this architecture, you can at any time enable or disable the required plugin in your native device.

    Additionally, it’s very easy to add, import, and verify the plugins, and even use them for the creation of hybrid applications.

    As you use these plugins for app creation, you can easily add up the required features and functionalities and achieve a high performing application with all the features you need over it.

    Integration with Other Frameworks

    Integration with other frameworks works great for the UI/UX which is an important feature you need in your mobile app. Cordova can easily integrate with other frameworks like jQuery, Kendo UI, Bower, etc., and work with them to enhance the user interface of your application. Moreover, these frameworks can also help you add other features to your application.

    So, with this capability to integrate with other frameworks, Cordova makes it very easy to achieve excellent user experiences on your application with a stellar user interface having easy to understand yet advanced features.


    Cordova is a very advanced tool with easy usability and can go a long way in helping you develop a feature-rich application that will lead you to business growth and success. This is a time where hybrid and cross-platform applications take the lead, and Cordova App Development is the best way to go by it. So, invest in this tool and take to Cordova App Development Services to have a high-performing business application that can guarantee your business success.

    If you are looking out for Cordova App Development Services, get in touch now!

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