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How to Grow Your LearnDash Platform with Membership Packages?

E-learning solutions are becoming very popular these days, not just in the educational industry but across multiple industry verticals. Organizations are increasingly using these solutions for the skill development of their employees as well as leveraging them to bring in more business and simultaneously growth and success by providing courses for the learners.

However, with the vast market competition, just having an e-learning solution will never be enough. You need to go out of your way to be sure about the success of e-learning solutions you are implementing. The first step into this is choosing a robust and functional platform that can provide you with the feature-rich learning management system to manage all your courses. LearnDash serves as the platform you need for the purpose.

LearnDash is a WordPress plugin that you can easily integrate into your WordPress website to have a learning management system, or you can have the entire system developed with all your custom requirements over it. The platform will give you the most feature-rich and functional LMS perfectly suiting your business needs and requirements and enabling you to provide the best courses and e-learning solutions with stellar user experiences.

Once you are done with the platform, the next part comes into growing the platform to make your e-learning solutions successful and achieve business growth. And for a fact, when it comes to growth, it all comes down to marketing and you need to have efficient and unique marketing strategies that would work in the competitive business environment you operate in.

A brilliant strategy you can follow for growing your learning management system is coming with membership packages. These packages are a popular choice among educators as well as learners because, with them, you open up the doors for a number of courses for your users at once.

Many learners take to one course at a time, looking for different and best educators for each of the fields. But what if you could combine everything your users are looking for in one single bundle and serve this bundle to them as a package? This will just enhance the chance for your users to love your platform all the more, subscribing to it, and staying on it as your loyal customer. This in turn contributes to the growth of your LearnDash platform.

However, even these membership packages have to be way out of the box for your users to actually want to take them up. So, the question is how do you leverage the membership packages at their best for the growth of your LearnDash platform?

Well, it all comes down to the value proposition you are offering with the packages. The users must feel your package worth taking, and here’s how you can make sure that happens.

How to Create the Best Membership Packages to Increase Subscription?

Creating a good membership package and making it known to people requires a lot of thought, planning, and creativity on your part. You need to be proactive and thoughtful at every step of it, covering all aspects, making sure that your package has everything it needs to have.

Start with Creating a Value Proposition

Let’s face it, you are not the only LearnDash platform coming with membership packages. The competition is huge and if you want to stand it, you need to come with something more. What the users ask is, what is it that your package has in superiority to the others?

This answer must come from your package itself. Your package needs to have a unique value proposition to offer. It’s only when your customers could see some value in your packages that they will even take interest in knowing any further about it. If they cannot see a value as worth as what they have to pay, your package is in for a big failure. So, you need to start with creating a value for your package.

Go on for research, look what other packages are offering, your package certainly has to have something more, so that when you are faced with what’s superior, you have a list of things that you know exists nowhere in any other packages available in the marketplace. However, this is just the “WHAT” covered as yet.

There is yet another thing you need to cover when creating a value proposition and that’s the “WHY” part of the package. Most of the time, you have your focus so much on what, that you somehow absolutely forget the why. However, your users will not miss this.

While the users are focused on what they are getting with your packages, they are also interested in knowing why they must particularly opt for your packages even with the higher offerings. You need to have more reasons than just that your package comes with more services. It lies in your approach here, as to what you are saying to your audience for making them join you. If you just keep mentioning that they can learn this or that with your courses, it sounds pretty flat. Instead, go with an approach where you ask your audience to join you and promise them the assistance they shall need in their journey over your LMS platform. This will just intrigue your audience giving them clear reasons to join your membership packages.

Make Your Package Known with Promotions

Your package wouldn’t come to be known to your prospective audience by itself. You need to work to lure the audience to your membership packages through marketing and promotional activities.

The best ways you can make your packages known are by creating stories around your packages and talking about the benefits and value propositions in your packages with those stories. You can create these stories by yourself and run social media campaigns for the promotion of your blog.

Another tactic that will work brilliantly for you is having your users tell their stories. Your users best know how your platform is beneficial for it has helped them grow and bring in success. When they shall share about their growth as they used your packages, that will directly talk at length about the worth of your packages and make them known as well as popular enough for bringing in higher subscriptions and thus more growth for your LearnDash platform.

Constantly Nurture Your Leads and Subscribers

If you want your leads to convert and the subscribers to stay loyal, you need to constantly nurture them. You can create a newsletter and offer it for free subscriptions so that your prospective leads can know more about your platform and its activities with it as well as your subscribers get access to more useful content.

You can also offer a trial period to the new leads so that they can have a taste of the experience they could be having with your platform. As they shall take the experience, it shall give them reasons to subscribe.

Another way you can nurture your leads, as well as subscribers, is by offering them discounts at initial subscription and providing mini-courses or series that will act as a bonus and make your leads as well as subscribers happier about choosing your platform.

Taking care of your leads is important to drive them to conversion, and providing constant perks to the subscribers upon the conversion of the leads ensures that you are providing the utmost level of customer satisfaction that is necessary to keep the users loyal and stuck to your platform.

Enhance the Usability of Your Platform

The highest conversions come to a platform that offers the best user experiences. So, take every step to ensure that your platform is covering this aspect. What you need to do is keep the platform very convenient and easy to use. When the users don’t have to give in much of their efforts as they use a platform or software, they instantly start liking it. So, enhance the usability of your platform.

Keep easy to follow, clean, clear, sleek, and attractive user interface with smooth registration and checkout processes. People absolutely hate to fill up long registration forms and even waiting for long to buy a service. So, keep the registration forms as short as you can by putting in only relevant fields and leaving out the unimportant ones that make absolutely zero sense for your customer or even your own requirements. Also, keep the checkout simple. Single-page checkouts work the best. They are easy and fast. However, stay ensured that the systems are safe and secure with these quick and fast processes. Automated emails for confirmation can work really well here too. These emails will send an acknowledgment of the transactions instantly to the users ensuring them that they have gone through with all necessary processes and are all set to use your platform.

Another factor that you need to look into is your content. Your content has to be usable and useful for the users, else you are creating no value at all. So, plan your content well and make sure that it delivers the best value with a high degree of knowledge and useful information for skill development.

Also, pay attention to your call-to-action buttons for these enhance the usability of the platform making it easier for the users to subscribe to a course. You need to be very creative with these buttons, making sure that they are planned so as to bring the leads exactly to where you want them to be as they leave your platform. Also, you need to be very specific with the text you are including in the buttons. You need to get rid of the generalized buttons like “Click Here” or “Learn More” or “Buy Now” and come with more creative and instruction driven buttons such as “Subscribe to the Course”, “Take the Package”, etc. These will enhance the chances of leads clicking and converting thereby increasing your conversions.

So, these are some ways in which you can grow your LearnDash platform. The basics are in how you are marketing your platform and creating the highest value for it. Once you are at that, you can be sure about business growth and success through LearnDash.

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