How to Integrate Workload Automation & RPA to Create Dynamic Synergies?

Automation is at its core in today’s dynamic, fast-growing, and ever-changing business world. As you talk about the discipline, you can come across topics and types of automation such as workload automation, IT process automation, business process automation, run book automation, batch processing, robotic process automation… and these are just to name a few. There is a whole bunch of things you could do with automation, each type often competing with the other. But more significantly, these capabilities are best used synchronously, in tandem with each other, rather than in separation with or competition to one another. You can simply say some things are best working together, and that is absolutely true when you talk about automation, more specifically, workload automation and robotic process automation.

Workload automation and robotic process automation when used together can cater to creating synergies for your business processes and operations. Robotic Process Automation relates to that part of the automation software which is focused on replicating human actions with the help of bots. It is generally associated with the human-machine interactions and is best suited for the situations where there is a need to manage certain routine tasks over a manually operated user interface.

Workload Automation, on the other hand, is the discipline that relates to the management and performing of business processes, operations, tasks, etc., for the purpose of delivering a certain business service. The software used for workload automation is particularly more complex and works in multi-cloud environments using a number of data sources and other applications.

So, both workload automation and robotic process automation help you ease out your tasks and business processes, relieving you from some, or many of your routine jobs and duties so that you may as well focus on the jobs that are more important and actually need your attention. Now, imagine when you integrate both the disciplines and make them go hand in hand! They can absolutely serve as the most dynamic duo ever. Let’s understand this more clearly with an example.

How Integrating WLA and RPA Helps?

For any business, customer data, information, and other database make up for a valuable asset. Now consider this, you have a mobile application for selling out your products and services. Every time a customer uses your mobile application and creates an account over it, you have valuable information in your system that you need to feed into your database for its proper management and use. What you can do for the creation of this database is to use an automated business intelligence tool that pulls the entire data from the account creation process and feeds it into the database files and systems.

Now another thing that could be required here would be an analysis of the data collected and the creation of reports on the customer behavior and patterns. In this case, you can easily use robotic process automation for interaction between the data files and interfaces so that the reports are automatically generated with efficient software with zero chances of discrepancies or errors.

Basically, this is a simple flow of activities where workload automation has been used for the creation of database and file structures and simultaneously RPA is used to pull these files to other systems and create reports for analysis and developing future strategies.

The need in the entire flow of the process was to have clean, error-free reports and at the right time. The sweet spot for using RPA came with the need for zero chances of errors, while the strict timeline requirement made way for workload automation to take its place. And the results have been an overwhelming response from the customers because they are getting just what they need.

This is just one story, one instance out of many. There are many other ways in which workload automation and robotic process automation can work together as a dynamic duo and create synergies for your organization. All you need to know is identifying the right place to put them to the best use so that you are always ahead in making the best business service deliveries!

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