Learning Management System – The Future for Education, Training, and Skill Development

Learning Management System
E-learning and Learning Management Systems (LMS) were introduced long back. These have been considered as technologies and systems that can transform the ways education and training is imparted and taken. Several organizations have been making use of these solutions for a considerable time period now. However, the importance of e-learning and LMS software has been established in recent times, most prominently in the Covid-19 pandemic.

Let us go through a short flash fiction which perfectly depicts how e-learning and LMS have become a popular solution into serving as the future for education, training, and skill development.

It was a bright Monday morning and despite the Monday blues, Mayra was all set for her school. But as she was getting ready, the events of last night flashed through her mind. “A nation-wide lockdown to be implemented for the next 21days amidst the current Coronavirus pandemic spread across the world,” the news said.

Mayra was happy. She did not have to go to school, for 21 days. This had never happened in the 13years of her school life except for summer breaks. But, with nothing to do around the house, and no other recourse, she eventually started getting bored. Now, contrary to her desire for those 21days to never end, she started wishing for them to end soon.

As she was getting happier for the end of lockdown, the news of yet another lockdown came as a shock to her. She was not just bored now, but concerned for her studies as well, as she has always been a bright student and it is her final year in the school. She knew this was going to go for long.

Her parents on the other hand were pressurized as well. Remote working had become quite frustrating for them. The office environment gave them a place to communicate, discuss, and learn. They could also have some training sessions at their office.

However, remote working scenario left them with nothing but work. They mostly found themselves managing the office applications and software and most of their time was spent attending meetings.

“This is the scenario with every person in the times today. Every student is struggling for studies, and those working remotely are lacking on their productivity and skill development. This is where e-learning and learning management systems started establishing their importance.”

Mayra’s school had taken view of the challenge and already implemented an e-learning solution and soon Mayra had the details of accessing the portal and continuing studies online.

Her parents’ offices were also proactive in addressing the situation. They have always considered skill development and training as a crucial part of professional growth and had put internal e-learning solutions in place in form of Learning Management Systems. With this portal, they could easily have access to intelligible courses and training that would help them build and enhance their skills.

Not only did Mayra use her school e-learning portal, but has also been able to explore other e-learning solutions for adding up to her knowledge and skills. The dashboard she gets over the LMS makes it easier for her to track her progress and generate results. With a regular statistic available as regards progress, she is able to take on her studies in a much better manner than the traditional classroom teaching model where progress reports were a matter of monthly and quarterly assessments.

As for her parents, they too have their login and dashboard in the Learning Management Systems setup by their offices and it has become a lot easier for them to take on the courses and trainings, even the ones that they have been planning for months but could never find the time or opportunity to get through with them.

So, e-learning and LMS entirely transformed the educational and training experience for Mayra and her parents. Mayra could brush up her talents and learn new things. Her parents, on the other hand, as professionals could add new certifications and skills to their resumes along with an overall professional development.

“This was a case scenario where an educational institution and a corporate office made use of e-learning solutions. The educational institution implemented the solutions to continue with their classes and lectures amidst the lockdowns. The corporate office leveraged it for the skill development of its employees to build their professional capabilities and make remote working more enjoyable and productive for them.”

Besides these, LMS find their usage in other industries as well.

How Various Industries are Using LMS?

1. Healthcare organizations can implement Healthcare Learning Management Systems to meet the training requirements to be completed by their staff as healthcare professionals and medical practitioners.

2. In banking and finance industry as well, LMS can be useful to keep the professionals updated with amendments and changes in fiscal laws and policies and other bank rules and regulations.

3. IT industries have been making usage of LMS software for building skills of their engineers and developers while also leveraging it for their business with the creation of robust LMS software and providing it as a solution.

4. In digital marketing as well, LMS come as a beneficial solution in keeping the digital marketers and SEO specialist updated with latest trends and developments in the field, changing algorithms, and other strategies. They can use LMS to take digital marketing training and courses to enhance their skills and build professional expertise.

These are just some examples.

To put it in a nutshell, LMS and e-learning have found their usage and popularity in almost industries of every vertical. Moreover, these solutions are not only serving amidst the current situation, but they shall keep serving in the future as well.

Once an LMS is implemented within your organizational settings, you can have your business as well as associates always benefitting from them.

This makes Learning Management Systems a perfect solution for transforming the ways for education, training, and skill development, serving as an amazing technology to build a bright future.

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