Magento 1: End of Life 2020

Magento1 End of the life
If you have built an e-commerce platform in Magento 1 and still running on the same, then you must be known about the latest announcement from the Magento community that they are ending their Magento 1 support from 1st of June 2020.

More than a quarter of merchants are using the Magento platform for running their business digitally, and this number is increasing by the day. With its vast pool of features and functionalities, Magento is no doubt the best platform today to run an e-commerce website. Moreover, with continuous updates, releases, and upgrades, you can always expect to get something better with every new version it launches.

Magento has come up with many versions of Magento 1.x and all those have been great. However, since the release of a completely new Magento 2 platform in 2015, there have not been any major releases on Magento 1 versions of the platform. Despite that, many legacy ecommerce applications are still on those old, obsolete versions. However, this can work out negatively for the businesses. So, if you are a business who is still on any of the versions of Magento 1.x, this is something you surely must give a read and consideration to!

Not only have there been no new releases on the Magento 1.x versions since 2015, there has also been an official announcement at the end of Magento that it will end all its support to Magento 1 in June 2020.

Here is what Magento’s official tweet says:

“We are committed to our Magento 1 merchant through June 2020, ensuring their sites are secure and compliant.”

Magento 1.x Community Edition
Community Edition 1.7June 2020
Community Edition 1.8June 2020
Community Edition 1.9June 2020
Magento 1.x Enterprise Edition
Enterprise Edition 1.12June 2020
Enterprise Edition 1.13June 2020
Enterprise Edition 1.14June 2020

This means that while Magento 1.x will still be accessible and usable, but it will no longer receive any official support. And this can be a rather worrying situation for the merchants still managing their eCommerce business on Magento 1.x version because of missing security patches. Needless to mention, eCommerce portal is one of the strongest pillars to one’s business enhancement in this digitally-focused world and running a website without security measures might pose serious security threats. The version will also not be having any new features to add.

Migrating it to its latest versions or into another Content Management System will help you in smoothly running the website without any hindrance. Magento also extended their support till June 2020, to ensure the merchants have sufficient time to work out the migration strategies and move to latest Magento versions safely.

Factors to be considered before migrating from Magento 1 to Magento 2

Before Migrating the eCommerce site to the latest available Magento version, a strong analysis is required and certain factors needs to be considered, such as, data backup, database migration, SEO data, website design, website theme, plugin used etc.

Advantages of Migrating the site to Magento 2

⦁ Magento 2 uses an updated generation of PHP, which amplifies the website flexibility.

⦁ Website speed is one of the most critical factors, and Magento 2 provides a powerful caching which result in faster page downloads.

⦁ Most of the end-users prefer using mobile phones. And covering this section of the audience, the website needs to mobile-friendly and responsive. Magento 2 provides enhanced features for getting the website fully responsive for every device type.

⦁ Having a significant digital presence is essential, for this SEO plays a crucial role. Magento 2 provides better SEO than Magento 1.

⦁ Keeping the website safe from intruders, Magento 2 supports updated security features.
We encourage all Magento 1 merchants to switch for a more secure solution that will help their business running untroubled.

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Proposed Strategy for Migration from Magento 1 to Magento 2

Magento 1 to Magento 2 Migration
Magento 1 to Magento 2 Migration

It is nearly impossible to keep running smoothly for long without any support, which makes the migration to Magento 2.x inevitable and you should plan for it starting today and equip your business for the upcoming business challenges so that your ecommerce website can scale to the maximum.

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