Magento with Epicor Prophet 21 A Must Have Integration

EPICOR+ Magento
EPICOR Prophet 21 ERP System offers a better way for amazing data, products, customers, orders, invoice management features to the Magento E-commerce system.
Are you into ecommerce business running it with the powerful Magento platform? Does your business have too many functions to handle such as accounting, inventory management, product management, customer management, etc.? And is it getting difficult by the day to manage all of it in this dynamic business environment where needs and expectations keep changing constantly?   If you answered yes to the above questions, what you need is an integration of your ecommerce and ERP systems to improve all your functionalities and enhance productivity.  

What Do You Get With Magento Epicor Prophet 21 Integration?

Prophet 21 is a version of Epicor that prominently manages the sales functions of the organization and integrating it with your ecommerce solution can help you accelerate sales like never before. Here are the advantages you can achieve with Magento Epicor Prophet 21 integration 
  1. User Experience Excellent user experience is the pivot that helps you retain your customers and clients in your store. With the integration, you can provide the businesses you are working with functionalities such as access to price lists and special pricing, easy payments and fast repurchase which will provide them customer like experience due to the easy to use interface. You can also provide your customers with the features they need such as easy searches, safer transactions, fast checkouts, etc. 
  2. Data Integration Having separate systems for your online store and ERP means maintaining disparate databases and that can be a pretty hectic task. This can keep your human resources tight with works like data entry and there is also a chance of errors occurring with manual functions. By having both the systems integrated, you achieve complete data integration. You can use your existing data in your ERP for your ecommerce functions. Also, the data gets synchronized and changes made in the ERP system reflect on the ecommerce platform’s database and vice versa. So, the data management function is significantly reduced and is performed in a much better manner. 
  3. Analytics Function Integration makes it easy to provide real-time data for inventory, etc., due to the synchronization of data. So, any product getting out of stock, short in stock, back in stock, etc., is instantly updated and the customers can analyze and place their orders depending on the stock availability. The integration also provides better insights into the activities of the visitors and buyers and you can accordingly improve your functions to generate more revenue. 
  4. Other Benefits All other functions such as pricing, shipping, taxation, etc., are improved. Good user experience results in increasing your store rankings, you are able to improve your SEO function and get more traffic to your store. The traffic that is driven to your store also gives high conversion rates because of ease of use and you capture a higher number of customers thus scaling your business. Also, you can provide multilingual and multicurrency support which helps you establish and expand your business at global levels. 
The integration of Magento with Epicor Prophet 21 is a proven way to notch up your business with enhanced productivity and functionalities. If you want to keep up with the competitive edge you have and continue running and managing your e-commerce business efficiently, you certainly must avail of the benefits that this integration can give you. 

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