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Is Odoo ERP Right for Your Business? A Comprehensive Guide

Are you considering Odoo as your next ERP system? If yes, this might have raised a few common questions in your mind. Why go for the Odoo ERP system? What benefits does Odoo ERP Offer? Is there a better ERP other than Odoo? Is Odoo customizable? To answer all these questions here is a quick and brief guide. At the end of this article, you will clearly understand whether you must opt for Odoo ERP or not. 

Growth of Odoo 

Odoo has emerged as a successful ERP solution with enormous growth starting from 1.000 installations per day, as stated in its blog based on Odoo’s story. At present, there are more than 7 million Odoo users. The credit for the higher usage rate goes to the wide range of features offered by Odoo and its continuous development and upgradation. Odoo offers strong community support, vibrant independent developers, consultants, and a support ecosystem. The number of Odoo plugins and themes are growing each quarter at a steady pace, thereby becoming one of the most favored ERP as stated in the Odoo Tops Capterra’s 2019 List of Most Popular ERP Software

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But is it Still Wise to Switch from your Legacy ERP System to Odoo? 

Even after millions of Odoo users, migrating business from your legacy ERP will require much work involving customization and development. Thus, it would help if you had a strong justification for doing so. Here are some of the benefits you will accrue from switching to Odoo. 

Cost-effective ERP 

Unlike most ERP tools, Odoo ERP implementation can cost significantly less with an increased ROI. Odoo eliminates the need to switch over multiple applications for different needs by providing a single-screen solution. Thus there is no need to incur costs associated with various vendors for each application like human resource software for employee management, a marketing tool for campaign measurement, a customer relationship management application for sales, etc.

Open-Source ERP System 

Odoo’s open-source community makes it more user-friendly. As a result, businesses are empowered to do the customization easily and quickly and avoid expensive vendor locking. Unlike other platforms, Odoo has a strong roadmap with frequent bug fixes and feature updates that keep adding to its customizability, which helps in meeting most modern business requirements.

Straightforward Implementation, Scalability, and Integration 

Odoo ERP follows a smooth implementation procedure. It comes with a separate module for each business function, e.g., HRMS, E-Commerce, Accounting, CEM, etc., allowing you easily add and customize any particular section in your ERP. Odoo offers optimal scalability as it is suitable for large-scale/public, which is quite evident by the fact that Odoo’s website has 7m users around the globe. Thus there is no performance decrease due to the increased number of users. Also, Odoo ERPs are in a modular structure, making it easier for the ERP integrator to integrate different modules with third-party ERP tools.

Even after a wide range of features, you need the proper implementation to use it as there can be multiple reasons for Odoo’s implementation failure. 

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Reasons Behind Odoo Implementation Failure  

Your company can face uncountable losses due to ERP failure. This results in loss of money, opportunity to grow, and chances to succeed. The multiple reasons for the failure are listed below.

Unclear Goal for Odoo Implementation

Organizations fail to understand that growth is not always due to digitization. Your vision and goal must be synchronized with any ERP you plan to move to. Strategize your organization’s future before selecting any ERP and determine your approach to leverage the benefits of the ERP you choose. 

Over Customization of your ERP 

Customization is preferable for most organizations, and they wish to have a system designed per their needs. But an extreme level of customization in Odoo might bring increased complexity. This leads to errors in streamlining the business processes. To avoid this problem, you first need to organize the business requirement and then do the logical customization on the platform.

Incorrect Odoo ERP Consultant Selection 

Choosing the correct ERP solution is crucial because your organization’s success depends on the right resource planning. But, along with the suitable ERP, you need the right consultant. Thus, try choosing a skilled Odoo ERP consultant who understands your business requirement and provides the best solutions. 

So now, you are well aware of the benefits associated with Odoo and the failures which may cause Odoo implementation at risk. 

Signs that Indicate your Ecommerce Site Needs an Odoo Implementation 

As your business grows, it becomes difficult to manage the increasing demands, customers, their orders, the details regarding the purchase, the transactions, etc. Let’s introduce some signs stating that you need an ERP like Odoo

Difficulty in Managing Business Data

Running a business is hard, and it requires the installation of a large infrastructure. While entering details regarding sales, you need to login into multiple systems and fill in the details. Like shipping will be maintained in a separate system, and transactions will be mentioned in the accounts section. This sounds like a time-consuming task and requires the user to spend money and resources to accomplish the goal. This also leads to increased miscommunication, data errors, and confusion. But having a single ERP system that can consolidate all these tasks would be a boon for the organizations. One such system is Odoo. 

Risk of Inventory Failure 

Inventory failure can be a big stone in your sales success, and the moment your customer faces an inventory error, s/he loses interest in your store. Inventory failure occurs when customers click on the place order button and end up with a mistake, which results in losing a potential customer even for a lifetime. Odoo enables tracking the inventory across various locations. It also helps to quickly scan barcodes and automates the flow of all customer orders to the warehouses. Thus, your inventory error can now be resolved swiftly and efficiently, eliminating downtime and retaining your customer. 

Failure of Realtime Customer Update 

Updating your online customer in real-time is very important, and any delay may cause a considerable loss. In this growing era, the elasticity of demand has gradually changed; as a result, currently, the customer likes to buy things from a place that trends rather than those that provide something suitable. As your sales increase, your customer demand will also increase. Order confirmation, shipping details, etc., might be easily handled with your e-store, but what about future sales? You need a system that tracks your orders to track your potential customers. Since your customers trust your services, they expect to be updated regarding their orders in real-time. With Odoo as your ERP, you can easily keep your customers updated with the progress of their charges.

Still Maintaining Accounts Manually 

As your business grows, there will be huge sales, and managing every calculation will become problematic. Again, if you think of handling all your estimates manually, you will encounter increased human errors. ERPs have separate systems to manage the accounts. And with Odoo as your ERP, you will get smooth-running systems capable of efficiently managing your calculations. Odoo can automate and streamline everything that could lead to errors. This enables your departments to freely undergo any transaction without any fear of error or failure of the system.  


Now, if your business has encountered any of the abovementioned issues, you know that you need an ERP system, and Odoo can be the best option, but what if your business is not ecommerce? Don’t worry; Odoo has also been helpful for various other industries. 

Industries Using Odoo 


Production must be aligned with the organizational goals, requiring a sound production plan. A perfect plan includes the availability of resources, materials, and other essential aspects. And Odoo is the renowned ERP system for production management and report creation for future use. 

Service Sector 

As ecommerce, your service business could also be automated with Odoo ERP. You will get accessible, mobile-friendly user interfaces with advanced CRM and sales management. This also provides task tracking and streamlines your business sales process.  


The Healthcare industry is also leveraging the advantages of Odoo ERP. Healthcare professionals get the best business management system with Odoo, which can manage details of patients, appointments, newborns, lab test results, etc. This streamlines the working of hospitals and enhances administration in a controlled environment.

Education Sector 

Odoo is an effective ERP system for the marketing department as well. Odoo provides a highly scalable sales management and digital marketing system. This helps the marketing department to improve their online presence by providing a detailed analytical report on the source of your customers, the time they spent, the options they viewed, and other necessary details. 


There is massive scope in leveraging the Odoo ERP to acquire eLearning Module benefits for your education sector business. A wide range of eLearning applications is provided by Odoo, which helps the institutions to make their courses readily available to their students. 


To sum up, choosing Odoo can be wise as it will streamline your business process. Odoo can handle every department of your business. This cost-effective solution will reduce and automate your unproductive tasks, making you concentrate on decision-making and other crucial business activities. Stay tuned if you wish to have more valuable updates on technology advancements.  

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