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Odoo LMS helps organizations manage and deliver effective learning experiences through its range of features. It provides a centralized platform for creating, managing, and tracking learning activities. The intuitive interface simplifies course creation, allowing trainers to structure courses, add multimedia content, and create assessments easily.
Zehntech empowers organizations to fully leverage the benefits of Odoo LMS by customizing the platform to their specific needs. Aligning it seamlessly with existing workflows and integrating it with other Odoo modules or third-party systems. With Zehntech’s assistance, organizations can unlock the full potential of Odoo LMS, streamline their learning processes, and deliver impactful training programs to their audiences.
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Learning Content Development

You have the expertise to develop engaging and interactive learning content across various formats, including videos, presentations, documents, and quizzes. Your team can create high-quality, customized content that aligns with learners' learning objectives.

Curriculum Design and Customization

Your organization can work closely with subject matter experts to develop comprehensive and targeted learning paths. You can design and customize curriculum or training programs to meet the specific needs and requirements of learners. You can design and customize curriculum or training programs to meet the specific needs and requirements of learners.

Learning Management System Implementation

With Zehntech professionals, you can implement and configure the platform to meet the unique requirements of learners. This includes setting up user roles and permissions, course structures, assessments, and reporting functionalities.

Gamification Strategies

With Odoo LMS, you can add elements to enhance learner engagement and motivation. You can award points, badges, and certificates to learners based on achievements, course completion, or performance milestones. Zentech implements gamification strategies within the courses to enhance learner engagement and motivation.

Assessment and Evaluation Services

You can provide assessment and evaluation services using the features of the Odoo LMS. This includes creating assessments, grading learner submissions, and providing feedback on performance.

Reporting and Analytics

Leveraging the reporting and analytics capabilities of Odoo LMS, with Zehntech you can generate comprehensive reports of learner progress, course completion rates, and assessment outcomes.

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How We Work
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First Contact 

In the initial discussion, we learn about your business, offerings, goals, challenges, & expectations.

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Requirement Documentation 

Key project requirements & deliverables are mutually decided & documented.

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Product Development 

All team members use their technological prowess, expertise, & experience to provide solutions as per business requirements.

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Quality Checks & Assurance 

The demo is put through vigorous quality checks & tests to ensure security & performance as per standards.

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UAT, Remediation, & Enhancements 

Your solution is tested by its intended audience before the final launch. Issues are fixed by experts & suggestions are accommodated.

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Final Launch 

After the success of UAT, the launch-ready product is handed over to you. We also provide support & training when you need it.

Revolutionize Learning & Training with Odoo LMS

Streamlined Learning Processes

Odoo LMS simplifies the management and delivery of training programs, making it easy to create, organize, and deliver online courses.

Enhanced User Experience

With its user-friendly interface, intuitive navigation, and mobile-friendly design, Odoo LMS provides a seamless and engaging learning experience for learners, resulting in higher engagement and better knowledge retention.

Comprehensive Training Management

Odoo LMS offers features for course creation, learner tracking, assessments, and reporting, providing a comprehensive solution for managing the entire training lifecycle, from planning to evaluation.

Improved Training Effectiveness

By leveraging interactive multimedia content, collaboration tools, and gamification elements, Odoo LMS enhances learner engagement, participation, and motivation, leading to more effective and impactful training outcomes.

Data-Driven Insights

Robust reporting and analytics capabilities of Odoo LMS provide valuable insights into learner performance, course effectiveness, and training ROI, enabling organizations to make data-driven decisions for continuous improvement.

Flexibility and Scalability

Odoo LMS is highly flexible and scalable, allowing organizations to easily customize and expand the platform to meet evolving training needs as their business grows.

Integration Capabilities

Odoo LMS seamlessly integrates with other Odoo modules and third-party systems, enabling smooth data exchange, process automation, and a unified learning ecosystem.


By eliminating the need for traditional in-person training methods and reducing administrative overheads, Odoo LMS offers an affordable solution for delivering high-quality training and maximizing training budgets.

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Why Choose Us

No-Fuss Data Filtration

Breakdown business-critical information to filter out data to make the most of the powerful data visualization tools.

Assistance in building custom reports

Our data specialists help you set up & build intuitive custom reports as well as dashboards for each user role.

We help you interpret data

Facilitate easy data dissection & empower users to comprehend large data sets while leveraging intelligent tables, graphs, & maps.

Profound Experience & Expertise

We have provided our data visualization, BI, & data analytics services in a multitude of enterprises in varying industries through different tools.

Client & outcome-focused

Our end-to-end technological experience and result-centric data analytics & visualization services help you remediate solutions for pressing business issues.

Transparency & collaboration

Zehntech's dedicated team keeps lines of communication always open & continually provides you with project updates.

Success Stories

Corporations & ventures have felt a prodigious difference during and after collaborating with us.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes, Odoo LMS offers integration capabilities that allow seamless data exchange with other systems, such as HRMS or CRM, enabling you to streamline processes, synchronize user information, and enhance overall operational efficiency.
Yes, Odoo LMS provides robust learner-tracking capabilities, allowing you to monitor learner progress, completion rates, assessment scores, and overall engagement. This enables you to gain valuable insights into individual and group performance for effective learning management.
Yes, Odoo LMS supports a wide range of multimedia content formats, including videos, presentations, documents, and interactive quizzes. Create engaging and interactive learning materials to enhance learner engagement and knowledge retention with Odoo LMS.
Yes, Odoo LMS offers powerful reporting capabilities, allowing you to generate detailed reports on learner progress, course completion rates, assessment performance, and overall training effectiveness. These reports provide valuable insights for monitoring and evaluating the success of your training programs.

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