Tunjo Estudio – Magento Website Development

Tunjo Estudio is an e-commerce business selling art products, the designs of which are inspired by the Columbian identity. They aim to bring positivity, spirituality, and happiness to the life of their customers with their products and their merchandise consists of products such as tote bags, incenses, and incense burners, indoor plants, and ceramic pots […]

Slanker Grass Fed Meat Drupal Commerce to Magento Migration

Slanker Grass Fed Meat is a functional website for a meat ranch store that sells high-quality grass-fed meat and other poultry and pork products. The store has been running its operations through its functional website for more than twenty years now. Team Zehntech has helped the store to revamp this website for a new look […]

Kopenhagen Magento Drop-Shipping Platform Development

The client is involved in providing drop shipping facilities through its multiple vendors. The services are provided through an online platform that goes by the name Kopenhagen. It is a fully-fledged drop-shipping platform that facilitates vendors to put their product details on a server in the form of a file and then the admin can […]