Rue des Parfumes: Magento Site Issues Fixing and Ongoing Maintenance

Rue Des Parfums sells a large range of inexpensive perfumes for ladies, men, children, and newborns. Magento is used by the customer to operate its online eCommerce website. Eventually, the customers started experiencing some database errors on the website, which appears to be a major roadblock to the client's success. Team Zehntech addressed this as a business challenge, fixed the security issues, and improved the performance and user experience on their website.

Business Challenge

Data breaches have become prevalent in recent years, radically changing every aspect of the networked domain. Such security breaches demand costly repairs or replacements; the average cost of a malware attack, according to Accenture in April 2021, is USD 2.6 million. Similar Malware risks were seen by the customer on the web site's database, where the script had become corrupted. That results in losing their customer’s trust and ultimately that has started affecting business growth.


We have performed a thorough analysis of the website’s backend, servers, database and ran a critical magneto website audit. With the analysis we have discovered that some malicious operations had been carried out in the database. We found the point of reason from where it has been started, then the Magento team has fixed those issues from the core of the website and taken security majors to secure the database from future attacks. Along with that we have done some ongoing maintenance on the website I.e., updated the content on the web pages, made some UI modifications on the Homepage's and also done some other modifications that was required.

2 Weeks


60 Hours

Working Hours

Oct 2019

Live Date

Applied Technologies

Our Role in Client Success

Due to the security issues on the website’s database, the client had been facing a data infringement. By resolving the issues, we helped the client in regaining the trust of their customers and securing the database from such malware attacks. With the solution, the client has increased operations and achieved business growth.

Our Client Says

We were quite pleased with the solution Zehntech provided for us. They were aware of our company's business issues and provided us with the most appropriate solution, which they then implemented.

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