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A client based in Paris has developed a project management web application using technology that has features including project details management, work location tracking, employee role assignment, salary management, performance evaluation, and appraisal tracking. However, the client encountered a challenge when attempting to implement resource management functionality, including comprehensive planning and budgeting functionality to efficiently allocate resources on specific projects.


To overcome this hurdle, the client approached Zehntech. Our team of professionals seamlessly integrated a dedicated tab or feature within their existing project management web application. This new addition empowers our client to effortlessly plan and budget resources, ensuring optimal utilization of resources for their various projects. Customization Solution1 customization Customization Solution


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Release date

Jul 2023

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160 Hours



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Release date

May 2023

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120 Hours

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Business Challenge

A business challenge for the client is to implement a resource tab in their project management built in web application that allows them to efficiently plan, allocate and manage resources for specific projects.

This includes

  • Creating a Resource Planning tab where users can see and plan the project according to the availabilities of the resources. A list of all the available resources can and seen in a dropdown format where project manager can choose the resources accordingly.
  • Creating a date range for each project based on the project’s start and end dates, as well as defining available workdays per week. Also, they want to incorporate a holiday tab where holidays can be added based on the demographics.
  • Furthermore, the client desires a graphical representation of resource summery on an interval basis.

Business Solution

After analysis client’s requirements, Zehntech’s experts helped a client add a resource management feature to their existing project management tools. The new feature includes the following functionalities


Resource Tab
This tab provides a list of all available resources, along with their name, available working days, and budget. The available working days for each resource are calculated based on the resource’s calendar and any holidays or planned leaves. Additionally, the admin can select the holidays list according to the resource’s geographic location.


Date Range 
With this feature, the admin can select the date range manually according to the project start and end date. They can choose to view the date range based on either weekdays or calendar dates where first day of every week set as Monday.


Weekly Work allocation

Project managers can allocate workdays per week to each resource, based on the resource’s availability and the project’s requirements.



The dashboard provides a summary of all projects, including the date range, number of resources allocated, budget, cost, and project status. It also shows the actual utilization of resources and alerts admins or project managers if there are any delays or challenges.


Applied Technologies


Our Role in Client Success

According to the client’s feedback the new resource management feature has helped the client to improve their project management processes. It has made it easier for them to track resource availability, allocate resources to projects, and monitor project progress. The dashboard has also been helpful in identifying potential problems early on, so that they can be addressed before they cause delays or cost overruns.

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