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Built an Informational Website with AI Chat Support Feature

About Project

A senior living community founder in the United States wanted to build an informational website to help senior citizens learn about four important topics: Medicare, Social Security, financial security, and elder fraud protection. The goal was to provide information about how to prevent and protect themselves from elder fraud.


Zehntech team suggested integrating OpenAI into the website to make it easier for senior citizens to communicate with the site. Using prompt engineering, the team trained the OpenAI model to generate responses based on the inputs provided by website users. Additionally, they added multilingual functionality to the site, so that it could be used in English, Chinese, Spanish, Hindi, and Filipino.


The website was a success, and it helped many senior citizens learn about important financial topics and protect themselves from fraud. It also served as a valuable resource for family members and caregivers who wanted to help their loved ones stay safe. Website Development Website Development Services Website Development Services 1


2 Months

Release date

Jul 2023

Working Hours

360 Hours

Zehntech Career

Business Idea

The client wanted to develop a platform for senior citizens to provide them with comprehensive information on four topics: Medicare, Social Security, financial services, and elder fraud protection. Senior citizens often have limited awareness of technological advancements, which can make them vulnerable to fraud. The client wanted to create a platform that would make it easy for senior citizens to find the information they need to address their questions and concerns in one place.

Business Solution

After understanding the client’s vision and Zehntech team created a comprehensive solution that includes

  • A user-friendly informational website built from scratch on The website features a landing page, user login, admin dashboard, and four different pages with information about Medicare, social security, financial services, and elder fraud protection in the form of FAQs, informational videos, complaint letter guides, templates, and suggestions.
  • We also integrated an OpenAI chatbot feature into the website. Using prompt engineering, we trained the model to give desired responses to senior citizens.

  • In addition to FAQs, users can also generate templates for any type of complaint letter. These templates can be printed, shared, or emailed as needed.

  • The AI chatbot also supports multilingual functionality using the Google Translate API. This means that users can input text in their preferred language and receive responses in English. They can then translate the response back into their preferred language if desired.

  • Another feature is text to speech and speech to text. This allows users to speak their inputs instead of typing them. The OpenAI model will then convert the speech to text and generate a response. Users can also convert the text response into audio format

Applied Technologies Website Design and Development

Our Role in Client Success

The platform provides seniors with the information and tools they need to protect themselves from elder fraud. We offer a variety of resources, including educational materials, fraud prevention tips, and a fraud reporting system. Seniors can also connect with other seniors and experts in elder fraud prevention through our online community.

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