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Construct 3 Games Modification and Integration with Website

About Project

A Houston-based healthcare client wanted to build a website to help users improve their mental health. The client had already developed games in Construct 3 that analyzed various cognitive skills, such as reasoning, memory, attention, coordination, perception, and problem-solving/creativity. The client wanted to do some modifications and integration of these games into the website. 


Zehntech’s team of experts helped the client develop the website and integrate the Construct 3 games. The website now allows users to take cognitive tests, play games, and receive personalized recommendations for improving their mental health. 

Construct 3 Games 1
Construct 3 Games
Construct 3 Games on Bubble website


2 Weeks

Release date

Jul 2023

Working Hours

  80 Hours

Zehntech Career

Business Vision

The client had a visionary concept: to create a website that not only serves as a platform for users to evaluate their mental health but also incorporates engaging gamified assessments developed using Construct 3. Additionally, they wanted to have a guided tour to enhance the user experience. There was a significant technical challenge as the client desired to store game scores within website database, However doesn’t have any default features to fetch data directly from Construct 3 games.

Business Solution

We developed a customized website that met the customer’s requirements and effectively communicated the purpose of the healthcare services offered by the client.

  • The website has a fully responsive and user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate.
  • We made some modifications to the games that were built with Construct 3, such as adding time tracking features and making some UI changes to improve the user experience.
  • To integrate the Construct 3 games into the website, we hosted the games on AWS using S3 buckets and CloudFront. We then embedded the links to the cloud-hosted games in an iframe, which allowed us to display the games on the website’s front end.
  • Since’s default features do not allow us to fetch game scores or events directly from the cloud to the website’s database, we used browser event handler methods to manage the communication between Bubble and the cloud-hosted games. We created different events for game scores, duration, and other game-related data. Whenever any of these events occur, the event information is automatically sent to the Bubble website, where it can be displayed.
  • This method of collecting scores and other data in the website’s database allows the client to run a pre-built algorithm to analyze the user’s focus.

Applied Technologies

Construct 3 Logo Website Design and Development

Our Role in Client Success

Our team successfully delivered a website that meets the client’s requirements. We addressed the technical limitations associated with the technology used, and the website received positive responses from users. The website was built on and integrates Construct 3 games. These games help users improve their cognitive skills and sleeping patterns. The website has helped the client achieve their goal of providing a service that improves the mental health and focus of users.

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