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A modern low-code system developed using Oracle APEX to provide a complete solution to mid-size CarRental company, simplifying day-to-day car booking office needs. Keeping everyone in sync about your customer through an online system eases your work and provides a secure environment for you and your customer as well. This online web based system is uniquely formed to provide an innovative solution that enables you to track the information on the number of bookings in the current month or in the last 6 months or in the last year. Thus, your business and your earnings can now be monitored and enhanced through this smart system, thereby improving business development decisions and crucial changes that need to be adapted.   The system is secure and  handle  booking, as soon as the customer walks in to the b the office for the car  booking ,all of customer required details will be filled in by booking agent and provide customer a smooth car booking experience. 

Business Challenge

Booking cars and cabs have become an everyday phenomenon and keeping track of bookings for the same proves to be a time-consuming and chaotic. Through Oracle Apex based online platform, one has the reboust system to book a car for rent. In the case of managing booking using papers, the process becomes highly difficult when booking agents need to identify which car is free at customer's preferred time slot. We had the challenge of developing a system that can be operationalise as fast as possible, can be hosted online, provide a clear view of the cars available, the customer’s information, and other necessary details.


Our team of Oracle APEX developers aimed to solve the challenge with a solution that automates the work performed in the our customer's CarRental company like managing bookings, generating daily booking reports, records of cars or cabs available for booking, store record of the customer, invoicing etc.. The system offers a 360 degree solution to the CarRental company. The idea behind the proposed Oracle APEX web app was to develop a system that allows booking agents to take customer information and offer available cars as per their needs on the selected date for the required time and in any of the selected cities.

Facilities provided by CarRental System to users:

⦁ Fleet reservation on a scheduled date
⦁ Maintain details of entire fleet
⦁ Maintaining a record of every booking history
⦁ Maintaining records of customers
⦁ Maintaining records of all users of this application
⦁ Availability of different types of cars and possible customisation
⦁ Security.

Benefits of the CarRental Services

⦁ Online and 24/7 available anywhere from internet ⦁ The CarRental solution is fully functional and flexible.
⦁ The system is easy to learn and use.
⦁ It saves time for staff and customers as well by managing all details properly.
⦁ It simplifies the operation and provides benefits to businesses.

60 Days


400 Hours

Working Hours

May 2022

Live Date

Applied Technologies

Our Role in Client Success

The Oracle APEX lowcode application we developed and deployed met all the customer requirements. The system is well suited for customer's business objectives that helps to manage all data with security and with ease. It provides information on the fleets available at any given time. It also helps to manage all users, customers, and booking records. As a result, the organization is empowered to manage its business in a more organised way which helps its growth.

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