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The comprehensive point of sale and restaurant management system engendered an all-in-one solution that promotes frugality in the functioning of a restaurant. The system enhanced the business owner's control over the food and beverage by providing transparent insights and actionable data displaying the clear quality, quality, usage, and other necessary details. The wastage and other unnecessary expenses can be cut down to a minimum by making the money to be spent only on crucial actions. 

Business Challenge

As observed traditionally the generally adopted method of taking orders from customers is over a piece of paper and referring the same to the chef. The food when cooked is then served to the customer as per his desired choice. To take over the responsibility of that paper and bring in a modernized solution that replaces the paperwork and the management of the restaurant like staff management, food management customer management, etc. the RESTRO POS was a device making the working of the restaurant more feasible and quicker.


Growing Revenue & Increasing Footfalls is what each and every restaurant runs for and strives to achieve. To make this happen we coined something exclusively for all the Cafes, Bars, Delivery Kitchens & QSR Outlets that made the POS (Point of Sale) System highly popular among retail and restaurant business owners. The system was meant with a view to restaurants providing traditional food and modern services which benefited them by streamlining their working with an increased customer-oriented approach.

The features of the system accentuated the restaurant owners to adopt it in no time:

- It simplifies the transactions and supports tracking profits, cashflows, inventory, staffing, and any other crucial aspects of any restaurant.

- The owner having Restro POS got complete control and monitors power to manage, operate and control food and beverages, the customer’s order-related information and other corresponding details.

- The system is not devised for any particular section of the restaurant but is well versed with the functionalities to serve a cashier, receptionist, waiter, carpet sweeper, and table sweeper of the restaurant with access to specific sections according to their jobs.

- Table information makes you distinguish the order and this system provides accurate table information with their location, as in, the number of tables on the terrace, lawn, or garden, and a number of empty, reserved, and occupied tables.

- The software provides the functionality to customize the menu as per the food served at the restaurant thus one can add or remove food and beverages from the menu according to needs.

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Our Role in Client Success

With all the laudable features of Restro POS delineated above, it is proved to be the most utilitarian software designed to reduce the nonproductive efforts in managing all the restaurant departments. These can now be replaced by some strategic solutions for business development. The orders placed, the customer information, all these come to great help while managing a restaurant or marketing for the same.

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