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Tableau Report for Real-Time Weather Insights through Web Data Connector

About Project

A Europe-based logistic company wanted to add a feature to their website where visitors could access weather data in the form of a report. The client had predefined parameters, such as temperature, wind, precipitation, solar, and cloud cover, that were to be followed to showcase the real time weather insights. Additionally, this weather report should have the option to display the details for multiple locations.


The Zehntech team used Tableau to create a data dashboard that met the client’s requirements. We developed a Web Data Connector (WDC) to fetch real time data from the weather forecast official website i.e. The WDC file was hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) to create a connection link that would fetch real-time data and pass it to the Tableau dashboard continuously.

Data Dashboard Built in Tableau
Tableau Dashboard
Dashboard Built in Tableau


7 Days

Release date

June 2023

Working Hours

36 Hours

Zehntech Career

Business Vision

Client wanted to build a weather insights report to showcase on their website. The client intended to retrieve data from the official weather forecast organization I.e., which provides an open-source weather data API.


Another challenge client faced was that the Open Meteo API does not provide real-time data. This meant that they had to manually fetch the real-time data from the website, which was a time-consuming and error-prone process. To overcome this challenge, the client has approached the Zehntech team, who can help them to fetch the real-time data and populate it in a Tableau dashboard.

Business Solution

After analyzing the client’s requirements, our team recommended utilizing Tableau to present weather data on the client’s website. However, Tableau doesn’t have feature to directly fetch the data from To address this issue we created a workflow where:
  • Team designed WDC (Web Data Connector) by using Java Script to fetch the weather data through API from its official website I.e.
  • API displays a large amount of weather data but the client wanted to display the data from particular range of parameters and areas, for this we have done the customization to select required parameters.
  • To solve the challenge of fetching and displaying real-time data, we hosted WDC (Web Data Connector) file on an AWS server. From where we have got a connection link to automatically fetch real time weather data from and display it on a Tableau report.
  • Designed the Table in Tableau which displayed the Weather data for the quarter and also displayed the comparison of the data with the previous year’s same quarter.
  • Converted the hourly data into 6 hours of interval to show the average value. The solution has incorporated a mechanism to regularly retrieve and update the weather data from the API.
  • User can easily share the reports using a custom link.
  • Styled the Table to make it visually appealing like formatting, alignments, colors etc.

Applied Technologies

Tableau Logo
AWS Logo
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Our Role in Client Success

Zehntech designed a Tableau dashboard that enables users to easily extract real time weather insights and make informed decisions. The dashboard presents the data in a tabular format that is easy to read and analyze, and users can interact with the data by applying filters.

The integration of the official weather website’s API has significantly enhanced data accessibility. The client can now easily retrieve weather forecast data without the need for manual data collection or processing. The client was happy with this implementation, and website visitors have given positive feedback.

“I am very pleased with the work. It has met my expectations and exceeded them in some areas. I especially appreciate the attention to detail and the clear communication throughout the process. Thank you for your hard work!”

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