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Still Using Moodle? It’s High Time You Migrate to LearnDash!

Ever since the upsurge in e-learning and learning management systems, Moodle has been the most popular and preferred LMS software for organizations all over the world. However, that trend and popularity didn’t stay very long. As the e-learning industry was growing, web development solutions and software provider were keen on leveraging the benefits and before long, the market was full of software for creation of scalable and functional learning management systems.

Going with the trend, WordPress, which powers more than 30% of the websites over the web was not far behind in introducing its own extension in the form of LearnDash plugin with the functionalities to create not just functional and scalable, but also customized learning management system.

As this plugin was launched, organizations were keen on exploring it and leveraging its capabilities. This was especially the case with the organizations that had been operating through WordPress websites. And why not?

With the scale of operations, it’s already difficult for the businesses to manage them and that aggravates when they are faced with the need to maintain and manage multiple platforms. With LearnDash plugin, organizations had an easy way to sync their LMS with their WordPress website, and all they had to do was, execute a simple LearnDash WordPress Migration. Moreover, it was just in their favor due to the other benefits such as ease of use and ability to customize.

Furthermore, Moodle was becoming obsolete due to its difficult processes. Managing your learning courses and dashboards over Moodle was difficult due to its clunky and disarranged presentation of data and that simply meant that you could get the necessary information and insights as effectively. And that stays with the platform, unless you have the skills to work on it and remove it, which is again, very hectic.

So, yes, Moodle comes with its complications, restraints, and constraints which can come in the way of achieving the purpose of learning management system implementation within your organization. And if you are still using it, there are possibilities that you are spending huge amounts on managing your LMS platform over Moodle while gaining very less from it.

All of this brings you towards the need for migrating to a better LMS software, and what better can you find than LearnDash? Here are some more reasons in much more detail that throw light on why you really need to migrate to LearnDash.

Why LearnDash ?

WordPress is without a doubt the leading website development software and caters to the most user-friendly websites with functional and customizable UI/UX, themes, and designs. The same capabilities and functionalities come with the LearnDash plugin as well. Here are some advantages of having LearnDash LMS rather than an LMS over any other software.

Ease of Use

User-friendliness is the most important aspect you see on any website or online platform. This aspect grows a lot in importance when you are talking about a learning management system. The users are on the platform to learn and they want that to come to them as easily and flexibly as possible. So, ease of use is the first thing any learner would like to see in an LMS.


LearnDash offers that. With LearnDash, you can create extremely user-friendly and customized learning management systems that appeal to your users and make them want to participate in the courses and programs with increased zeal and energy.


Additionally, it’s easier for you to manage it too. You can easily add up the functionalities and features over the platform leveraging from the simplicity of WordPress and administer the courses in a better fashion.


Better management of LMS along with user-friendliness is great to give it a competitive edge.

Easier Administration of Content

Your content is the most important aspect on the Learning Management System. If you are providing the users ease of use but no access to content, your LMS is no good. However, setting up the LMS and deploying and administering content on it hasn’t been easy with Moodle. The content and data visualization can get very clumsy over Moodle LMS and it takes a significant amount of time and efforts to get it right.


LearnDash overcomes that problem. Due to the simplicity of the platform and the tremendous ease of use, you can very quickly and smoothly set up a LearnDash LMS and start deploying content over it. Moreover, you can view all the content over dashboards in highly visual formats and that eliminates the clumsiness as well.


So, you are able to deliver the content that your learners will love and thus have better growth prospects.

Easier to Track Growth and Progress

When you are using an LMS, you want to make sure that your content is contributing to the progress of the users. You want to have insights into the most taken courses and lessons, the scores of learners, etc. LearnDash provides features and functionalities for easily tracking all these metrics.

You can get a detailed view on the performance of your content, courses, as well as learner. You can create detailed reports, analyze them, and strategize to bring about necessary improvements and enhancements.

Additionally, the learners can track their scores and progress and work on their weak points to improve their scores and have enhanced skill development.

A place for big ideas.

Reimagine organizational performance while delivering a delightful experience through optimized operations.

So, When Are You Taking to LearnDash WordPress Migration?

With an LMS over the LearnDash plugin, you have a higher competitive edge with a more user-friendly platform that helps administer and deploy great content and track the progress in a very insightful manner. Moreover, you don’t want to operate on a platform that’s obsolete and is restraining you to leverage the best e-learning capabilities.

Using Moodle would only make you miss on some great business advantages, especially if you are looking out for an LMS that’s also a scalable content management system and can serve as a special purpose platform for e-learning.

Basically, you have every reason to migrate to LearnDash with all its capabilities and advantages laid out for you. So, when are you taking this step towards business scalability?

If you are still confused about the answer, you can reach out our experts to guide you in more detail about LearnDash WordPress Migration.

We are keen on bringing your Learning management system to a better platform, are you?

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