Things You Need to Consider When Integrating Epicor ERP with Magento

Magento and Epicor
EPICOR ERP system can power up your e-commerce platform with amazing features. But it is important to remember a few things in the mind while performing Magento EPICOR integration to avoid any data loss or disconnection between the systems.
When you have an e-commerce store, you have a vast database to handle. There are product details, order details, customer details, and other media that you need to manage. And for all of this, you need a dedicated enterprise management system. But it can be hectic toggling between two different platforms. So, it is always preferable to integrate your ERP system with your e-commerce website. Such integration has enormous benefits, which we have discussed in one of our blogs. And looking into that benefit, you must surely be curious to know how to perform Magento Epicor Integration. But before you actually do that, there are some essential things that you need to take care of.

Magento Development is tricky, and so is maintaining an ERP system. And bringing both these systems together… well, that can be all the trickier and more challenging task. But, there are some things that you can do to make it easier. Here are some of the factors you must pay heed to when you are looking out for integrating your Epicor ERP with your Magento e-commerce website.

Factors to Keep in Mind During Magento Epicor Integration

Flexibility for Integration

Both Magento and Epicor are highly flexible platforms, and you shall never face any restrictions as regards the development, customization, or integration between these platforms. However, you still need to check the viability of the integration for your source code. You do not want to put in lots of effort configuring your base code or find that the source code is restricting the sharing of some very essential data fields. So, before you perform the integration, it is best that you check the flexibility of the integration and assure yourself that the integration is entirely amenable for the systems and codes that you are using. Also, you might get yourself some more systems in the later course that you might want to integrate with the existing platform. So, also make sure that the platform is flexible for it and allows that.

The Team Performing the Job

The integration of software is an extremely tricky job. It is not just some lines of code. It would be best if you took a deeper dive, get into the depths, have a complete understanding of the systems that you are working on. To put it in clear words, the integration of two or more software together is not a code but a complete software solution. So, it would be best if you had an expert team to come with that solution. Look for a team with highly qualified and experienced professionals who are well versed in every aspect of both the platforms. The team working on your Magento Epicor Integration project must be knowing every nook and corner of the working of that software, their feature, and the best course of action they can take. Take your time finding your team, screen for companies providing Magento Development Services, discuss your project with them, and only after you are satisfied that you have found someone well-suited to your needs and requirements proceeds further with your project.

Customized Solutions

There are many plugins that can offer for Magento Epicor Integration. But these are not the solution that you are actually looking for. The plugins can solve your purpose to some extent, but you are sure to face limitations with them in the long run. Different businesses have different needs. Thus, a generalized plugin is, for sure, not the best course of action. It would be best if you had something that is better suited to meet your business needs. And only a good, customized solution can do that. So, look for an integration that is totally customized as per your business model and caters to all the needs and requirements of your business.


Magento Epicor Integration is a valuable service you will get for your business. It has the capability to scale your business and bring you higher profitability and scalability by providing the flexibility to manage your entire e-commerce business with a single source. With the integration, you have your whole ERP system synced with your e-commerce platform. So, you are essentially saved from toggling between them through the manual entries of data from one platform into the other because the platforms will simply pull the data between each other. An update on one platform will lead to an automatic update on the other platform. So, you have your time saved and energy saved. Besides this, there are other significant benefits of the Magento Epicor Integration that you absolutely do not want to miss out on. So, get the integration for your e-commerce business and get it in the best ways by keeping all the above essential factors in your mind so that you may take your e-commerce business up a notch.

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