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Tools That are Helping Businesses Keep Remote Working Productive and Efficient

We all know the situation the world is facing today. The deadly coronavirus pandemic has forced everyone to shut in their homes and most countries are under a complete lockdown. And we absolutely do not have any idea when this is going to be over. All we can do is hope that it ends soon. However, in this situation work and economy are highly getting affected because of the inability of most businesses to carry on work remotely. But there still are organizations that are keeping up with their work even from homes and making sure that they do contribute positively to the economy in this crisis.

And to make sure that this work from home thing is successful and businesses could keep up the same level of productivity and efficiency in their operations, they surely need some tools to manage their remote resources.

Let us have a look at what these tools are that the businesses can use while working remotely so that their remote resources are better managed and they can achieve higher efficiency in remote working.

Tools That Are Helping With Efficient Remote Working

Microsoft Teams

The basic need when working remotely is staying connected with your team through proper lines of communication and the Microsoft Teams can help a long way in that. This is a tool that we use in our offices too for internal communications and we know what a breeze communications are with this.

The tool becomes all the more important when it is time to work remotely. The amazing features that you can have with this application make it possible to have the efficient flow of communication that you need. You can create channels over the app and your entire team can simply connect over a call and you can easily have your team meeting. Also, the messages go instantly, and you can tag your teammates within the personal chat as well as in the group messages. This allows you to send notifications separately when you are sending personal messages and while in a group this ensures that there is no confusion to the team about for whom the message was intended.

So, with the teams app, you can easily overcome all the challenges related to getting connected with your team and ensure that proper lines of communication are maintained.


It is always good for the management to be able to know what and how the works are happening within the organization. This gives the managers insight into planning for the future actions they need to take. A continuous monitoring tool can come as a great usage for this and a good option that you can have is Monitask. This tool takes screenshots at random intervals and sends it to your manager, so your manager is constantly able to monitor your work and you to stay focused on it. Also, it becomes easier for your manager to spot any mistakes or errors in the work and the rectifications can be made immediately.

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Keka is a complete employee management software that can be of a much higher usage when you are working remotely. When at offices, you have the machines that keep track of your entry and exit time. But it is not possible to punch in and out remotely. However, the management as well as you yourself still need to keep a track of your working hours so that you know your productivity. The remote login feature of Keka helps with that. Also, the timesheets that are available here help you keep a record of all your work, and you can measure your productivity better.

So, these are some tools that can help enhance efficiency during remote working. It is not that you do not use these tools in your normal working scenarios, but their usage gains all the more importance during the remote working.

Remote working has come as a backup plan in this pandemic situation which has had a major impact on the world economy. However, as much as it is a good backup plan, not all kinds of industries and organizations can make the use of it. There are some organizations that have totally got shut down in these lockdowns. For instance, if you talk about the manufacturing or production industries, they obviously cannot carry on with their regular operations. But, if we look at the IT industries, they can pull this remote working thing very well. And even the world is looking up to the IT companies to contribute to saving the economy when all other major industries are in a fix.

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