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WooCommerce: What Does It Have To Offer Your Online Store?

Online stores have become a fashion today. In this era, if you want your products to sell at a large scale, an online store is what you must have. People today have become very tech-savvy. This, when combined with their hectic lives, leaves them with little time and energy to hunt out for the products they want and need in the traditional market. They prefer to look out for things online, purchase them from there, and get the items home-delivered. This is easier, and it also offers people with more options to choose from. So, in this growing, competitive business environment, where it gets difficult for you to sell your products, an online store will do the vice-versa for you. Not only will it help you easily sell your products, but it will make you scale many times by reaching a larger audience. And you can create this store with a simple WordPress plugin called WooCommerce.

What is WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin supported by Automatic, which you can use to create an online ecommerce store on your existing WordPress website. It has the capabilities to scale your online store and increase its attractiveness and functionality by many times with the number of features and extensions that it has to offer.

Why is WooCommerce a Good Choice?

Although there are many tools and plugins that you can use to create and run your ecommerce store or website, WooCommerce shall be your best take for the following reasons. 

  1. WooCommerce is Easy and Understandable
    Using technology for running your business never means that you want to get into complexities of that technology. You look for something that is easy to use and understand, and you be able to run it without much difficulty or external help. WooCommerce is just the solution. It is very easy to install and setup. All you have to do to use WooCommerce on your website and create your own online store is install the WooCommerce plugin from the plugin directory of WordPress and set it up following the instructions in the inbuilt setup wizard. Once you are done with the installation and set up, you are good to go and run your online store.
  2. WooCommerce has Extensions that Provide Added Functionalities
    WooCommerce plugin adds functionalities such as product management, cart management, and payment management to your online store. Along with that, you can extend its functionality as much as you want using different themes, plugins, and extensions. This means that the WooCommerce plugin has further plugins and extensions with which you can have additional features such as sending automated emails to the customers, providing invoices, adding additional menus, providing filters to make the search easier for your customers, and many more things. Adding such features to your store enhances the user experience and generates more traffic for your store. And more traffic when combines with good user experience simply mean better sales.
  3. WooCommerce is Open-Source and Free
    What else do you need? WooCommerce is something that gives you the benefits of a premium service for free. It is easy, it is understandable, even by a layman, and it has a plethora of features to give you. And all this is for free. That is one of the biggest advantages of the plugin. Although you may need to pay for some of the features at a later stage, getting anything that is beneficial at such professional level for free is surely an ad on.

So, this is what WooCommerce has to offer you. And with all these things, it has become an obvious choice for creating an online store. So, go for it and scale-up. 

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