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Zehntech Technologies Introduces its Face as it Appoints Mahendra Patidar to the Position of CEO

Indore, Madhya Pradesh Mahendra Patidar takes up the charge of Zehntech Technologies as the company announces his appointment as CEO of the company with effect from January 01, 2020.

Mahendra Patidar is an engineering graduate specializing in Design & Analysis of complex IT systems with 15+ years of extensive experience in the entire life cycle of the software design process. In his starting years, he has worked with TechMahindra as a Senior Software Engineer, extensively handling managerial and functional responsibilities. In 2014, he further moved on to take a leap in his career and joined SOS-Berlin, a product-based company in Germany as a Workload Automation Expert taking part in global technical presales, consulting and training of SOS JobScheduler. After all these years of working as a senior technical consultant and gaining extensive experience, he is ready to take the responsibilities of CEO at Zehntech and join the company in its journey of achieving business growth and success. He shall be responsible for recognizing and materializing the global opportunities in IT solutions, take decisions for the company and help with synchronizing the operations within the work environment to drive growth and success to the organization.

“I am very excited about taking up this role. I have the vision to grow Zehntech’s competency and delivery in specialized solutions in areas of workload automation, RPA, application management, and cloud infrastructure support. I will work with the talented team of Zehntech to find new opportunities of growth and scale up the operations on a global level. It shall be my endeavor to work for the company’s goals and objectives and set up new milestones in the course of leading the company to future growth.”, said Mahendra Patidar.

At the joining of Mahendra Patidar in the company, Bhupendra Patidar, co-founder at Zehntech Technologies said, “It is a pleasure and an honor to have Mahendra on board with us. He is an extremely talented individual and I am sure his experience and expertise will open new opportunities for the company and lead it to achieve new heights of success.”

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About the Company

Zehntech Technologies Private Limited, founded in 2013, is an India based IT company having global operations. The company offers extensive IT solutions and services including workload automation, web development, mobile development, CRM/ERP implementation and consulting, 24X7 application management, infrastructure support, and digital marketing services. The company works with the vision to bring positive change in the society through technology and a mission to bring innovative and big technological transformation that adds value to its customers.

### Contact Information

Mahendra Patidar
CEO, Zehntech Technologies Private Limited
+91 99817- 47125

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