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Application Development has taken tremendous pace in today’s business space. It is not just any other trend being followed in the market, but businesses are using it as a valuable strategy to get a competitive edge with digital presence and higher reach to the target audience in the market. - Application Development Made Easier with No Code, No Programming Requirements

Applications make you more available and accessible and help you cater better experiences to your users which can guarantee satisfaction. With that achieved, it is easier for you to drive yourself towards profitability, scalability, business growth, and success.

However, application development needs to be robust and exceptional to serve your purpose. You need highly functional applications with advanced features and functionalities. That is possible with advanced level coding and programming. revolutionizes this approach. is the new for application development, a tool that allows you to create feature-rich applications without writing a single line of code. So, even when you are a non-technical person, you can have your robust applications with this amazing tool, only when you know leveraging it well.

We, at Zehntech Technologies have experienced professionals and developers to help you with using to the best of its capabilities so that you have the functional applications you need to lead business growth and success. Services

We provide all the services relation to you need right from consultation and planning for your application to its development, customization, and maintenance.

We, at Zehntech Technologies have experienced professionals and developers to help you with using to the best of its capabilities so that you have the functional applications you need to lead business growth and success.

We assess your business needs and requirements and develop the perfect web application that has the most advanced functionalities with a user-friendly interface to cater to excellent user experiences and support business growth.

We help you cater to personalized experiences on your applications with customizations for the application theme, design, templates, and other features and functionalities to suit your specific business needs and requirements. 

We integrate your web application created on with your other organizational systems and IT environments so that you can achieve a perfect sync in all your operations and manage them better.

We provide 24/7 Support and Maintenance for your web applications developed with with constant testing, monitoring, and fixing of any technical issues, bugs, or other problems encountered.

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Application Development is at its core in helping the organizations generate more business and has come as a revolution for the creation of applications. We have a team of expert developers who follow the best practices in using this tool to deliver you stellar applications for your business requirements. We have a process-driven approach following which we plan, develop, design, customize, and deliver your web application to you in record time so that you can start leveraging them as soon as possible to lead your business to growth and success. Application Development

With, you can develop highly feature-rich applications, equipped with enhanced and advanced functionalities that cater to amazing and useful user experiences.

Database Driven

Manage your data easily with the ability to use and access any database management system on the application with built-in database functionalities in the app.

Social Media Logins

Create a higher reach and generate more leads through social media with easy social media logins available right within the application.

API Integration

Sync your application with other APIs and third-party application with easy API integration feature available on the app to have better opportunities and possibilities.

Cloud Capabilities

With the ability to integrate with other APIs, your web application can easily leverage the cloud and achieve better performance with cost optimization with the power of compute.

Custom Reporting

Build custom reports with the built-in reporting engine of the application for catering to personalized experiences that ultimately lead to user satisfaction.


Keep your customers well informed and updated on all the developments taking place in your applications with proper and regular notifications.

Payment Gateway Integration

Easily integrate payment gateways of your choice into the application to facilitate easy and secure transactions for your customers.


Have better reach and generate more leads with custom advertising through the application to best meet customer expectations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Bubble.Io Is A Revolutionary Tool Introduced For Application Development. With This Tool, You Never Have To Worry About Writing Codes Or Programming. So, Even When You Are A Non-Technical Person, Bubble.Io Works For You For Application Development. With The Tool It Is Easier To Create And Develop Feature-Rich Progressive Web Applications At Low Costs, Competitive Pricing, And In Minimal Time Thereby Minimizing The Time To Delivery So That You Can Leverage The Applications At Earliest For Business Growth And Success.

Yes, Of Course! The Application We Create For You Is EXCLUSIVELY YOURS And You Hold All Rights Over It. Once We Create The Application And Make Delivery, We Transfer All The Ownership Rights To You While Hosting Your Application.

Yes, The Data Is Absolutely Transferable And We Can Help You With The Entire Data Migration Process.

The Application Development Does Not Take Much Time. However, It Is Difficult To Mention A Perfect Time-Frame Since It May Vary Depending On Project To Project Because Every Business Has Its Own Specific Requirements. We Can Discuss Your Requirements With You And Then Plan The Project Along With Time Frame Based On Our Analysis Of Your Business And Its Requirements.

This Will Again Depend On The Needs And Requirements Of Your Business. We Can Have A Consultation Meeting Where We Can Discuss Your Requirements And After Analysis, We Can Plan A Budget That Best Suits Your Needs And Expectations


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