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End-to-end cloud security assessment for uninterrupted business continuity

Cloud transformation equips an organization with infinite possibilities while making its IT infrastructure more resilient. Although the AWS cloud environment is highly secure, proactive steps must be taken for securing your organization’s cloud environment. 

With periodic security & compliance audits, you can identify issues in your AWS cloud security system & loopholes in compliance early on before things go out of hand. To help you better manage cloud security, Amazon Web Services (AWS) has invested billions over decades to fortify end-to-end cloud & organizational security 

Zehntech’s dedicated AWS DevOps automation team of cloud engineers, architects, & consultants empowers your business with the tools, resources, & best practices you require for modernizing your workload and enhancing technical operations. 

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Mutli-cloud & Hybrid Security with Zehntech

Hybrid & multi-cloud infrastructures provide endless flexibility & resilience. However, protecting your IT assets in such environments can be challenging but doing so is an absolute necessity. Secure your multi-cloud or AWS hybrid cloud architecture with revolutionary cloud-native solutions.  

Attain ultra-low latency and experience a seamless performance of hosted workloads, applications, and systems while complying with all regulations & laws with utmost security with Zehntech’s AWS security services. 

Through its various security services, AWS aids in securing enterprise backend IT infrastructure, networks, computing devices, software platforms, business applications, storage, data, data centers, workloads, workflows, edge networks, end-point networks, and IoT environments. 

Our range of AWS Cloud Security Auditing Services

Unleash end-to-end protection of your company’s IT assets Zehntech’s ability to leverage AWS cloud security services and solutions. 

AWS Cloud Security Assessment & Audit

Our AWS security assessment team meticulously analyzes your cloud environment to look for any security loopholes & issues. Our AWS-certified engineers conduct a comprehensive assessment to ensure that your cloud is free of any vulnerabilities, bugs, & errors, and is capable of performing at is highest efficiency.  

AWs Compliance Audit & Assessment

Compliance loopholes in the cloud often lead to major complications in a company's IT workflow. It is practically like inviting cybercriminals to steal away critical organizational data. Our AWS quality assurance team ensures your cloud's compliance with local, national, & international compliances, in addition to data localization & residency laws and security identity regulations. 

Automation of Application Management

With our AWS DevOps services, Zehntech's cloud specialists integrate security in every element of your cloud, including tools, services, microservices, systems, containers, and APIs. Embrace optimized performance & minimized system downtime while we maintain your AWS cloud. We ensure compliance of DevOps processes with the help of AWS Audit Manager & AWS Artifact. It includes: 

AWS Cloud Cost Optimization

Not all security features are required by your organization. Zehntech's AWS security experts understand your business needs & operations thoroughly to choose the most efficient security functionalities for you. Our team makes sure that your AWS infrastructure performs at the highest efficiency while all security issues are fixed with proper remediation. 

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How we work

Here’s how Zehnech’s AWS cloud security technicians perform an end-to-end security audit in your AWS environment. 

AWS Cloud service & resource inventory

As the first step, our AWS cloud security specialists take complete inventory of all cloud assets, resources, & services your organization uses in the AWS cloud. Inventory is taken to understand their efficiencies & redundancies. 

Identification of issues & loopholes in cloud security

After our team finishes taking inventory, they conduct an end-to-end security screening to look for issues in cloud security within your AWS environment. As every AWS service comprises varying security configurations, it is critical for our team to look for issues individually in each service. 

Issue remediation & resolution

After going through all your cloud services in the AWS environment, a list of issues is created. Our DevOps and cloud team start working on these issues, one by one, to eliminate them and ensure that your cloud is compliant & secure. 

Updating of security policies

Once ethe changes are made to your AWS cloud, regular security policy review & updates must be conducted to meet the evolving security needs & standards and eradicate any potential security gaps. 

The multiple benefits of leveraging
our AWS cloud security audit services


Cloud environment simplified

Embrace high flexibility, adaptability, agility, & scalability while leveraging AWS for your IT infrastructure, including resources, applications, backend, networks, workload, and edge & IoT environments. 


Cloud reliability

With AWS, you can rest assured about the security of your organization’s data and workload. AWS applies an integration of powerful information security solutions on its platform. However, periodic security reviews are imperative. 


Meet compliance

AWS’s cloud environment has been designed to meet compliance. Its cloud architecture is compliance-ready and includes international, national, as well as local regulatory standards. We can help you leverage AWS Artifact for gaining access to your AWS compliance reports. 


Dependable Automation

Leverage the power of automation with automated cloud security services, features, & functionalities by AWS. Utilize AWS services for incessant security monitoring and preventive maintenance.  


Efficient Incident Management

Harness the power of AWS tools like Advanced Managed Detection and Response for reducing detection & repairing mean time drastically. Other AWS services can be embedded for leveraging AI-powered advanced cyber threat detection & setting up automated response. 


AI Proficiency

The AWS cloud enables you to amalgamate the capabilities of advanced threat detection tools powered by platforms like MISP, Microsoft, & OSINT. Additionally, AWS provides you with AI-powered security features & functionalities like deep cyber security analytics, smart threat hunting, & predictive alerting. 


Continuous Asset Protection

Stay in control of your cloud environment with 24/7 device, network, platform, data, application, & server monitoring tools by AWS. The cloud also provides you with unparalleled security and control over the entire endpoint & backend architectures. 

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Through our all-encompassing AWS security audit services, we audit the following: 

  • Data encryption  
  • Logical access control  
  • Asset configuration & management  
  • Network configuration & management  
  • Governance 

Under its vast cloud ecosystem, AWS offers a multitude of security options for its users, including threat detection, hunting, & discovery, threat analysis, infrastructure health monitoring, and response & remediation. 

You should hire us to conduct an AWS security audit in either of the following cases: 

  1. When any suspicious activity is detected  
  2. When there are changes in the hardware/software configuration of your resources 
  3. When any of your AWS services are dropped  
  4. Should be done as a periodic activity 

Zehntech’s security policies are built keeping in mind the compliance standards set by SOC 2, HITRUST, & HIPAA so that managing compliance in AWS becomes easier for your organization. Security scans of your cloud are compared with the compliance standards so that your cloud team can get a clear state of your AWS compliance. 

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