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Integrated Odoo with Flutter Mobile App - Odoo Customization, Integration, Implementation

About Project

A car rental company, operating in the Chile region, primarily operates their business with mobile application built in Flutter. This app allows their customers to browse vehicles, make reservations, handle payments, and even unlock their rental car, all from their smartphones.


While for their core business operations, they relied on Odoo internally. So, they needed an Odoo specialist to create a smooth integration between their Flutter app and Odoo.


Zehntech assisted in the configuration of the mobile application backend on Odoo, incorporating custom modules to centralize business operations for efficient management. Our team also developed Rest APIs to ensure seamless data synchronization. For sending notifications to mobile app users from Odoo backend, we integrated Google Firebase with Odoo, leveraging Azure Key Vault.

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1.5 Months

Release date

Release date

May 2023

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260 Hours



5 Days

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Release date

Feb 2023

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20 Hours

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Business Challenge

The client was using Flutter for their mobile application while maintaining core business operations within their Odoo ERP. So, they wanted to build a mobile app backend in Odoo so they can manage all the activities and reflect data on flutter app.


A seamless integration strategy was required to ensure data synchronization and efficient communication between the mobile app and Odoo backend.

Business Solution

Zehntech delivered a comprehensive integration solution, including:


Odoo Mobile Backend Setup: Our team configured the Odoo backend to function effectively as the mobile application’s data hub.

Custom Odoo Module: Developed a custom Odoo module to for unified access to different Odoo functions like subscription management, helpdesk ticketing, accounting, configurational settings, and custom notification functionalities.

REST API Development: Team developed REST APIs to facilitate smooth data exchange between the Flutter app and Odoo.Google Firebase Integration: We developed a system that seamlessly connects Google Firebase with Odoo, allowing operators to effortlessly send notifications directly from the Odoo backend. We’ve designed a user-friendly form within Odoo that captures notification details, including title, description, and an optional image. Operators can then choose to send the notification to a specific user or a designated user group.

Azure Key Vault Implementation: We used Azure Key Vault to fetch the JSON formatted firebase-key that automatically authenticates every user request to send notification.

Odoo and IOT system Integration: Integrated Odoo to the third-party IoT system, enabling users to control vehicle functions seamlessly through the mobile app. This includes actions such as locking/unlocking doors, starting/stopping the engine, and accessing real-time vehicle status. Meaning, Odoo acts as a middleware to perform all the activities from the mobile app. Whether the user is in the range of the vehicle or lacks an internet connection, all features are accessible directly through the mobile app using Bluetooth.

Odoo Support and Maintenance: We collaborated with them to provide ongoing Odoo support and maintenance, ensuring the seamless operation of the system.

Mobile App Content Management From  Odoo Backend – Implemented the functionality to store and manage the FAQ and News content of the mobile app from Odoo itself.

Applied Technologies

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Our Role in Client Success

This integration empowered the car rental company with:


Unified Business Management: A centralized platform for managing both mobile and core business operations.

Enhanced User Experience: A user-friendly mobile application for improved customer interaction and car rental services.

Real-Time Data Synchronization: Consistent data flow between the mobile app and Odoo for informed decision-making.

Secure Communication: Secure handling of API keys through Azure Key Vault safeguards sensitive information.


This project exemplifies Zehntech’s expertise in integrating Flutter applications with Odoo, enabling businesses to leverage the combined strengths of both platforms for a comprehensive and efficient operational environment.

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