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Microsoft SSO Implementation in Odoo with Microsoft Azure SSO Integration Odoo App

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In today’s digital landscape, the demand for seamless and secure access to applications is paramount. Single Sign-On (SSO) solutions have emerged as a powerful tool to streamline user authentication processes, enhancing both security and user experience. However, implementing SSO can be complex, especially when integrating with specific providers like Microsoft. In this article, we explore a case study where a client sought to implement Microsoft SSO in their Odoo environment, and the steps taken to overcome implementation challenges.
Microsoft Azure SSO Integration Odoo Apps Store
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May 2023

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Feb 2023

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20 Hours

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Business Challenge

Our client, like many others, recognized the benefits of Microsoft SSO for their Odoo platform. With Odoo’s built-in SSO functionality using OAuth mechanisms, integrating with Microsoft should have been straightforward. However, even after configuring the SSO functionality with the Microsoft provider, we encountered obstacles in achieving seamless authentication. Let’s delve into some common hurdles faced during this process:


  • The authentication token format for Microsoft was incorrect in Odoo.
  • There’s a lack of documentation available for configuring Azure AD App, which is essential for Microsoft SSO in Odoo.
  • Additionally, there’s uncertainty regarding the required information for Odoo’s configuration settings, such as Redirect URI, Client ID, and Scope.

Business Solution

To address the authentication challenges, our team embarked on a custom implementation journey. By leveraging our expertise and experience, we developed tailored solutions that enabled our client to authenticate seamlessly with their Microsoft account using the configured SSO functionality for the Microsoft provider. This custom implementation bridged the gap between Odoo and Microsoft SSO, ensuring a smooth and secure authentication experience for users.

Enhanced User Management Capabilities

In addition to enabling authentication, our custom solution provided our client with enhanced user management capabilities. They can now effortlessly view and manage users who signed in using Microsoft SSO directly within the Odoo platform. This streamlined user administration and ensured greater control over access permissions and security settings.


Introducing Zehntech’s Microsoft Azure SSO Integration

Recognizing the common challenges faced by Odoo users in implementing Microsoft SSO, Zehntech developed a dedicated solution – the “Microsoft Azure SSO Integration”. This specialized integration seamlessly integrates Odoo with Microsoft Azure, facilitating effortless implementation of Microsoft SSO right from the start. By eliminating complexities and offering a user-friendly interface, this integration simplifies the SSO setup process, empowering organizations to harness the benefits of Microsoft SSO without hassle.


Syncing Azure Users and Groups for Enhanced Access Control

In addition to authentication, our client expressed the need to sync Azure users and groups with Odoo to facilitate streamlined access control. Leveraging the REST APIs of Azure Active Directory (AD) and a certain level of Odoo customization, we successfully integrated Odoo with Azure AD. This synchronization enables our client to access all Azure users’ group-wise within Odoo, simplifying user management and access control processes. Furthermore, it paves the way for granular permissions management, allowing our client to assign specific permissions to each group within Odoo.

Applied Technologies

Microsoft Azure
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Our Role in Client Success

In the journey towards implementing Microsoft SSO in Odoo, our client encountered challenges that required innovative solutions and custom implementations. Through strategic customization and integration efforts, we were able to overcome these challenges and provide our client with a seamless authentication experience. The introduction of Zehntech’s Microsoft Azure SSO Integration further simplifies the SSO setup process, offering organizations a hassle-free solution for integrating Microsoft SSO with Odoo. With enhanced user management capabilities and streamlined access control, organizations can optimize their Odoo experience while ensuring security and efficiency in user authentication processes.

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