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Ed-Tech Industry

Imparting Learning and Knowledge in a Transformed, Digitalized Manner

We are in an era where innovations, advancements, and technology has created its strong hold in the business world. Every industry is competing to have its hold over the latest technologies and leverage them to their maximum advantages. And education industry has not stayed back in the competition.

Education systems are no longer limited to a classroom with chalk and board learning. They have evolved to introduce technologies such as e-books, e-notes, e-learning, etc., within the educational setting. Digital devices, PDAs, Laptops, and Mobile Phones have now become a common sight in the classrooms. And all these technological integrations into the education system have significantly contributed to an evolved, and enhanced way of learning and knowledge gaining.

Education is the key to having a society which is knowledgeable, sophisticated, civilized, learned; and the blend of technology to the existing educational environment can significantly bring growth and scalability for the education industry.

What We Do?

he students today look for opportunities for their future and they want to be prepared to grab the opportunities coming their way to shape a bright career path for themselves. They look for an educational environment that makes them ready for the corporate world. So, there are many advances that the education industry needs to make and technological integrations can immensely help with that.


We help you leverage these technologies for your education systems and create engagements for your users by providing them an easy, flexible, accessible, and open learning environment which offers them happy and interesting learning experiences. With the blend of technology we perform for you, you can have innovative e-learning and m-learning applications and education portals that care for accessibility and flexibility for your learners and offer them the attention they need.


Education Industry has a tremendous potential to blend with technology and create solutions that will transform the ways education is imparted. There is a lot to explore and build in the education industry that can help it grow exponentially. We help you bring that growth within the industry which ultimately caters to your growth and expansion.

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Our Areas of Expertise

With us, you can get engaging educational solutions that are cost effective and work extremely well for your revenue generation helping you make big in the industry.

E-learning Solutions

E-learning applications and web portals development equipped with features such as live chat, video and media streaming, and virtual classrooms offering your learners interactive learning and classroom like experiences through accessible and secure educational solutions.

M-learning Solutions

Effective educational solutions development in the form of mobile applications that can be used over Android, iOS, and other cross platform mobile technologies to provide the users the ease of learning from any remote location with any device.

Management Software

Management of data, content, and other functions is a key task you have to perform while running any business. Manage all that you need to manage; your course curriculum, attendance records, payroll information, student data, etc., with comprehensive education management software.

Examinataion Portal

E-learning web portal development that come with features that enable you to conduct examinations and test series through online platform over the web offering your users a much-needed ease and accessibility to take examinations.

Why Zehntech?

We are backed with a team of experts who have in-depth knowledge of the core functionalities and features of an educational solution and e-learning portal and create interactive solutions which promote comprehensive learning and provide great user experiences. With the solutions making practical learning possible through videos, live streaming, and other trainings, we offer you apps and portals that are creative, innovative and easy to use.

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Corporations & ventures have felt a prodigious difference during and after collaborating with us.

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