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Is Working With Telemedicine Really that Easy?

Telemedicine has come as a growing technology and in recent times, this technology has turned as a boon to all. With the use of telemedicine, it has become easier to deploy healthcare services in a more reliable, secure, fast, and accessible manner to the people. The people can get direct, urgent, and easy medical aid with the use of telemedicine and this helps them take better care of their health and fitness.

However, as much as the scope for telemedicine is growing, the question comes to be, is telehealth deployment really that easy? Well, coming to talk of it, telemedicine is a growing technology and is under continuous development. Although the concept is not very new, it has taken place recently. So, there is no doubt that there are many challenges when it comes to practicing telemedicine and providing the medical facilities online over a screen.

Challenges that Come with Using Telemedicine and Overcoming Them

Lack of Knowledge Among People

Although the history of telemedicine is very old, the concept is relatively new for the people. Not many people know about it. It is now, in the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic that this technology has been fast emerging and is coming into extensive usage. Still that, the knowledge among people about telemedicine is low and that comes as a challenge to promoting it.

Moreover, the problem does not lie just with the lack of knowledge about telemedicine with people. The problem is also with the lack of technical knowledge among people. It is not easy for them to understand how telemedicine works and if that is the case, they shall hardly be able to make the use of it.

So, it is required that people be educated about this amazing technology and be explained its proper usage. It would help if the patients are assessed beforehand and there is a clear understanding established between the doctor and the patient as to how it will work for them and what devices the patient will be comfortable using. With such approaches, it shall become very easy for you to overcome this challenge.

Issues with the Remote Physical Examination and Diagnosis

Telemedicine is run entirely via remote means and this can at times create issues with the diagnosis and physical examination of the patients. Although there are various telemedicine solutions and other technologies that aid with the diagnosis, they are very costly and it might not be possible for every doctor or medical practitioner to install and use them.

However, this can be overcome with the use of bundled services for hospitals and clinics. The technology has been in continuous growth and development and with time there shall be better technologies that will aid with better diagnosis and as these will develop, the costs are bound to go down as well.

So, all that is required is to keep up with the trends, work collectively, and make the best use of what you already have and the diagnostic issues will no longer come as a challenge.

Issues with Security and Integrity of the Solutions

People are most concerned about their safety, security, and privacy for almost everything they do in life. And when it comes to their health, it becomes all the more important and the utmost concern for them. Since telemedicine solutions work over the internet through online platforms and remote means, the patients are paranoid about their information getting leaked and might not want to access such services.
The only way to resolve this issue is to come with HIPAA compliant, safe, secure, and reliable telemedicine solutions. With the use of such solutions, the patient’s trust can be won and they could be made comfortable using the telemedicine facilities.

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Issues with the Connectivity

The use of platforms such as Skype or Facetime in telemedicine has become very common for providing a facility for video call and remote diagnosis. However, this might not be the right way to go. These applications could cause connectivity issues and hamper with the quality of the diagnosis. Also, there could be security issues as well.

It is better to go around with telemedicine solutions with inbuilt features of connecting through audiovisual means. Such solutions come out as safe and more secure and reliable. You can also be sure that all your sessions shall be private which might not actually be possible with other applications since it is clearly visible over there as to your online status and people can know who you are talking to.

Also, even with the use of robust telemedicine solutions, it is good that you make sure of good internet connectivity to make sure of the best experiences with telehealth deployment.

Telemedicine Reimbursement

This comes as a major challenge for doctors and medical practitioners. It gets very difficult for them to get reimbursed for the services they provide through telemedicine due to many rules and regulations that are required to be followed.

However, this could be overcome by planning a proper reimbursement structure in compliance with all necessary medical norms. Also, the use of telemedicine solutions can help keep up a record of all the expenses made and then the doctors and physicians can get reimbursed for them


So, these are certain challenges that come with telemedicine. But nothing is as big as could not be solved. With wise steps and management, every challenge can be overcome and telemedicine can come as a great solution for everyone and build up the future of the healthcare industry.

With that said, coming back to the original question, “Is Working with Telemedicine Really That Easy?”, the answer stands to be, well, maybe it is not, but it isn’t that difficult either. What is needed is just proper discretion, knowledge, patience, and practice.

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