Telemedicine Solutions

A new way that connects doctors and patients remotely through virtual means, providing them with fast, easy, secure, and reliable health solutions.

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    Telemedicine Solutions for a MorAccessible HealthCare System

    HealthCare is a basic need for every person out there and medical science has come with constant advancements in the systems with the growth of technology. With these advancements, telemedicine has come as an emerging solution and is serving as an engine to make the healthcare systems more accessible to the people. Online Consultations, Remote Checkups, Virtual Diagnosis; all of this is possible through telemedicine. Get all of this with the reliable and secure Telemedicine Solutions provided by Zehntech.


    Easy Access, No Downloads

    You can use the solutions by simply logging into your account. You need not go for any separate downloads or app setups.

    Availability and Support

    Our solutions are always available with an all-time support. You can have your issues solved with a direct chat option in solutions. No requests, no waiting time, just instant solutions. 

    Global Application

    The solutions we provide are compliant with the medical laws, rules, and regulations worldwide, totally in line with HIPAA, GDPR, PHIPHA, HITECH, and the like.

    Live Chat

    The solutions have live chat features with which the doctors and patients can easily connect with each other through audio and visual means.

    Our Solutions Cover Both Sides of the HealthCare System


    For Doctors

    The doctors can make themselves more available and take their practice to an another level with Telemedicine Solutions.

    Doctor’s Dashboard

    The solution comes with a functional and easy to use doctor’s dashboard which helps them manage their patients and staff and keep a complete track of their appointments, patient’s activities, and other functions.

    Patient’s Line Up and Attending

    The solution shall continuously show you the lineup of your patients, the patient you are attending and the patients in waiting, thereby helping you manage your time and make sure of good patient experiences. 

    Secure with Integrity and Privacy

    The solutions are highly compliant with medical frameworks applicable worldwide which makes sure that the integrity and privacy is maintained and the doctors are able to keep their practice secure.

    For Patients

    The patients can get real-time consultations from the doctors remotely and make sure of a better health for themselves.

    Appointments as Per Convenience

    You can simply log in to the solution, check your doctor’s availability, and book your appointment as per your convenience.

    Patient’s Dashboard

    This telemedicine solution provides you with a complete dashboard where you can see your appointment dates, consultation history, prescriptions, and manage your health well.

    Easy, Secure, and Private Sessions

    The solutions provide you with easy access to your doctor and all the sessions are secure and private with complete care of integrity and compliance with medical norms.


    Frequently Answered Questions


    Yes, we have taken utmost care of the security and integrity while designing our solutions. These solutions are compliant with worldwide medical norms, rules, regulations, and other policies and take care that every session is private with complete anonymity of the patient.

    You only need to log in to the solution and you shall be on your dashboard as per your profile – Doctor or Patient. No need of any separate applications or software.

    There is a direct chat option available. You can simply put in the query and have an instant and immediate solution to it.

    Our solutions are designed to keep up with good connections and always endeavor to cater to good experiences. Still, if you are facing issues with the audio or video, try restarting your system and make sure that you have a good network connection.

    New Age Telemedicine Solution

    Zehntech has designed new age healthcare solutions for doctors around the world. If you also want to take benefits of telemedicine solutions. Talk to Us

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