Zehntech Technologies

Long Term Partnership Focused for Your Success

We partner with you and bring together talented team of designers, front end developers, back end developers, Software architect, Cloud engineers to make your vision a reality and business a success.

It’s our job as a technical partner to guide our clients towards the best technological match possible. Unlike working with a traditional agency, Zehntech works right alongside you every step of the way.

We work with you as a extension of your existing team

Product Roadmap

Product features and delivery schedule.


Lock-in pricing for the project scope.


Scheduled and ad-hoc meetings through out project. We use same tools your development team uses.


We always cover 30 days post go live maintenance, so that you can have peace of mind during rollout and after

Customer Success

A Happy customer is what reflects the quality of services offered by a Business

Customer Success is vital to us, for that is what marks our success. We care to give the outcomes that are expected by our customers from our products and services to reach the level of customer satisfaction and build good customer relationships.

We keep business ahead of the curve with the latest technological solutions

Observing industry problems to introduce the best technological solution. We offer eminent services and products to minimize the time, efforts and maximize the revenue of businesses with the back of technology. Keep Exploring

Workload Automation

Automate your IT jobs like launch executable files and scripts, run database procedure, managed file transfer with JobScheudler easily

Web/mobile development

Build a digital platform which can deliver the results. We follow the simplest approach to have a beautiful digital attraction for your audience

Online Marketing

Build an online presence to create brand awareness, to grow your business revenue, to feed your sales teams.

Futuristic Technological Solution

We offer futuristic technological solutions for businesses like AI, IIOT, SaaS etc. to give the most realistic user experience

Latest Blog

Observing every detail to keep it simple, our goal is to create simple solutions to complex problems and our detail-oriented approach helps us do so. The other values that add to our workings are

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