LearnDash Customization Services

Let's Build a Customized E-learning Solution With LearnDash!

We have a team of experienced LearnDash experts, who are happy to help you in building customized E-learning solution.

    Creating Intelligible E-Learning Experiences

    72% organizations believe that e-learning provides them a competitive edge and 42% have noticed increase in revenue with it. So, organizations are increasingly focused in the implementation of e-learning solutions.

    LearnDash WordPress LMS plugin provides a platform for development of most feature-rich and scalable Learning Management System to support your e-learning requirements. 

    Creating Intelligible E-Learning Experiences

    E-Learning has come as a revolution in the ways for education, training, and skill development. It can help enhance the learnability and learning experiences with use of virtual and augmented reality, automation, and other advanced technologies. 

    Due to these capabilities, e-learning finds its usage in industries of all verticals. In fact, corporates are highly keen on leveraging the power of e-learning to boost their revenues and get a competitive edge in the marketplace with skill development of their employees to cater to higher productivity and work efficiency. 

    LearnDash solutions help leveraging these capabilities at a much higher level. LearnDash provides you with the perfect Learning Management System for providing advanced, scalable, and knowledgeable online courses with visual capabilities to cater to excellent e-learning experiences. 

    We, at Zehntech Technologies help you create this Learning Management System over LearnDash and provide custom LearnDash solutions to meet your e-learning requirements for skill development, learning, and training of your employees and staff.  

    Our LearnDash Services

    We provide extensive LearnDash services to cater to your e-learning needs and requirements and create best experiences with our solutions.

    LearnDash LMS Development and Setup

    Meet the latest EdTech standards with a functional and feature-rich learning management system developed and setup on LearnDash. 

    LearnDash Custom Development

    Meet your unique and business specific requirements by having your LearnDash LMS customized for themes, designs, and plugins. 

    Migrate WordPress LMS Content to LearnDash

    Migrate your courses, content, users, and other necessary data from another LMS to LearnDash for having better features and functionalities. 

    LearnDash Extension Development

    Add to the features and functionalities of the LMS by using custom plugins and extensions developed as per your specific business requirements. 

    LearnDash Maintenance and Support

    Have your LearnDash LMS giving best performance all the time with constant maintenance of the platform and 24/7 support services. 

    LearnDash Third-Party Integration

    Integrate your other organizational systems and processes for better operational management and work efficiency.

    LearnDash Responsive Theme Development

    Have a responsive theme that works well on every device and gives excellent user experiences with an attractive appeal to it. 

    LearnDash Payment Gateway Integration

    Integrate payment gateway in your LMS to facilitate your users make safe, secure, and quick transactions. 

    Why Hire Us?

    We hold expertise and experience in LearnDash development and provide dedicated services that help you scale your business with best learning experiences.

    Experienced Developers
    We have a team of experiences and expert LearnDash developers with a creative mind to deliver innovative LearnDash solutions and services.

    Industry Experience
    We have tremendous industry experience in creating and developing LearnDash solutions and providing most scalable services for it.

    Affordable Pricing
    We have highly affordable and cost-efficient packages that give you full value for the investment you are making with us.

    On Time Delivery
    We dedicate a project manager to you who stays as your constant point of contact and manages the project to deliver it to the best of your expectations within the decided time frame.

    All Time Support
    We provide you 24/7 Support for our LearnDash solutions to instantly solve your queries and facilitate smooth functioning of your LMS software.

    What LearnDash Offers?

    The popularity of LearnDash comes from its capabilities to expand and offer a vast set of features and functionalities to cater to best learning experiences.

    Multi-Tier Courses

    You can divide the courses into sections, lessons, and topics for an easier and better understanding. 

    Drip Feed Content

    You can feed the content of the lessons and courses in parts to the students based on a pre-defined schedule. 


    You can create quizzes and tests between the courses to keep the learning interesting and effective with performance assessment. 

    Certificates and Awards

    You can create certificates and awards to acknowledge taking of a course and appreciating the performance of users.

    Reporting & Analytics

    You can keep a track of your progress and mark areas of improvements with the detailed progress reports and analysis provided by the platform.

    Manage Assignments

    You can provide assignments, approve them, and comment on them to mark changes and improvements to have a more practical learning approach. 

    Lesson Timers

    You can set timers within which a lesson or topic could be and must be completed and run the timers during lessons so that users can mark their learnability. 

    Email Notifications

    You can manage communication better to be more available to your users with the use of email notifications. 

    Virtual Reality

    You can have highly advanced video and audio features, automation, chatbots, etc., for better and more practical learning experiences with use of augmented/virtual reality.



    The cost for LearnDash LMS development will depend on your business specific needs and requirements. We can schedule a consultation, analyze your requirements, and then suggest you the best option from our affordable and cost-efficient packages. 

    This shall depend on the range of features and functionalities you want to integrate in your LMS. We have a dedicated team that analyzes your requirements and expectations and creates a time frame accordingly. We strictly follow the timeframe and deliver the project in record time. 

    LearnDash is basically a WordPress plugin for creating a Learning Management System. So, any business that wants to have e-learning solutions in their WordPress website can make use of LearnDashAdditionally, even if you do not have a WordPress website, but want an LMS for your organization, LearnDash is a good option to get started. 

    Yes, you can have multiple languages on LearnDash and the platform provides easy translations to support several regional languages for more personalized user experiences. 

    Try LearnDash Integration and Customization Services

    If you want to integrated and customize the features of LearnDash into your WordPress platform our experience WordPress experts can help you with best solution.

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