Document Scanner – Flutter Mobile App Design and Development

The digital world demands acceleration and pace in everything we do, blended with better management to ensure effective results. Copies of documents are regularly being scanned and transferred in bulk to multiple destinations in day to lives. Therefore, the demand for an exclusively built application for scanning documents was felt, which led to the development […]

Gate Security – Flutter Mobile App Design and Development

Gate Security is a mobile as well as a web application built by using Flutter to manage gated societies. Every single visitor to a society must be verified before entering it so as to ensure a comprehensive approach to the security of members. The application contains various modules which enhance the security measures adopted in […]

Flight School – Flutter iPad App Development

Flight School is a flight training iOS iPad application in which the instructor may assign pre-uploaded courses to a specific individual. It includes PDFs of flight instructions, quizzes, certificates, and endorsements, as well as PDFs containing details of airplane models and cockpits, PNGs, and Jpegs that can be accessed by the students.

World Tube Network (WTN) – Flutter Mobile App Development

World Tube Network (WTN) is a news publishing mobile application where users can find the latest updates and news on Technology, Legal, Crime, National, International, Lifestyle, Art, Entertainment, Sports, Business categories with the sole purpose to entertain the audience. Here updates are available in the form of text and videos.

Eway Bill – Flutter Mobile App Development

Eway Bill is a fast-growing, social survey-based application, developed mainly for the group of people interested in or working in the economics and politics. The application’s scenario includes all the bills and budget documentation passed by the government recently.

Spinal Care – Flutter Mobile App Development

Spinal Care is a telemedicine mobile application built to facilitate remote daignosis and treatment of patients with the help of video call. Here patients can select the prefereable doctors for consultaion and talk with them to get real time solution. This healthcare app has made treatment easier and more comfortable, resulting in faster outcomes and […]

Town Taxi – Flutter Mobile App Development

Town Taxi is a comfortable and safe mode of transportation, and passengers may book a journey via a mobile application. With the user’s location, this app locates nearby taxis and estimates the time it will take to arrive at the user’s location, allowing users to select and book a ride.

Virtual Healthcare– Flutter Mobile App Development

Virtual healthcare is a mobile app that functions as a doctor-patient communication platform, allowing users to communicate with doctors through chat and get immediate medical assistance. People may keep track of their medical history and share reports, documents, images, and videos to help doctors better understand their problems.

Elderly Care – Flutter Mobile App Development

Elderly Care is a mobile app designed to assist seniors with everyday activities and health care. This application includes training manuals and tutorials that cover all of a senior’s everyday needs, such as medications and diet, in order to keep them healthy and fit. Also, in the situation of sickness, there are guides to help […]

Baseball Factory – Flutter Mobile App Development

Baseball Factory is a game record-keeping application designed specifically for baseball players. Users may quickly record all of the match’s specifications and afterwards evaluate each and every detail. This powerful application provides users with a durable, easy-to-access, fast-loading, dynamic environment, and accurate analysis.