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Reva – IOT EV Charging Station Solution Developed Using Raspberry PI, Python, and Flutter

About Project

Though electric vehicles have created a lot of buzz, public charging stations are still not as ubiquitous as gas stations. Thus, even after providing some unparalleled benefits like reduced fuel and energy costs people find it difficult to manage an electric vehicle. The project here brings an innovative approach by introducing a Charging Station for Electric vehicles by using Raspberry Pi as a Charging Controller and making it available for large users through an application and software infrastructure that maintains the charging details to rate the service acquired accordingly. As a Technocrat we want to analyze and identify some of its challenges to contribute towards the promotion of green energy solutions and eco-friendly environment for society.

Reva EV Charging Station - IIOT Solution
IOT EV Charging Station Solution Developed Using Raspberry PI, Python, and Flutter
Reva EV Charging Station - IIOT Solution


160 Days

Release date

Sep 2022

Working Hours

1280 Hours

Zehntech Career

Business Challenge

With the boom in the electric vehicle industry the greatest obstacle is the unavailability of charging stations making it impossible for the owners to drive them on a long journey. Although the advanced batteries in electric vehicles are designed for extended life but will wear out eventually. Also, the EV charging stations face some location sharing problems like how to minimize the moving distance for these EVs to get charging based on the capacity of the battery, the position of the charging station and, the position of the driver, demand point (driver wanted position) and its priority, etc. Thus, limited by mileage, EVs must visit charging stations before the battery runs out.

Business Solution

The project was centered on eliminating the hassle a person owning an electric vehicle has to go through in order to find a charging station. That’s the objective of building a smart charging station to charge all types of electric vehicles. 


● The user first registers himself and his EVs with the app. Subsequently, he can drive up to any of the charging stations, press a button on the app to start charging, and plug the charger into the car. 
● Using the mobile app users can select the location of nearby charging points and be able to connect with any charging station by scanning the QR code put over the charging station. 
● Whenever the user connects with a charging station the AWS IOT will publish the message through MQTT and the vehicle will start charging. 
● As soon as the user is done charging the vehicle s/he just needs to press a button over the app or unplug the cable, the application will automatically calculate and send the invoice the total electricity consumption and the bill for the energy consumed. 
● There are three applications governing the concept we aimed to achieve. These include the EV user’s end; the host’s end and the one maintaining the dashboard of the web application in order to protect the site from errors. 
● The EV user mobile app is an intuitive application designed for the user who has an electric vehicle and looking for a charging station. The user has to register in the app and insert the current location to view the nearby stations and can start charging the vehicle by inserting the OTP received by scanning the barcode present on the device. 
● The host app is one through which a user can buy the charging controller to host it in his shop/mall etc. and can onboard it to provide the charging services on a revenue-sharing basis with the controller provider. 
● The web application contains a responsive dashboard that acts as a super admin panel through which Zehntech as a charging controllers service provider can make sure that all the processes are running smoothly. It will also be used to redress the grievance and provide maintenance and support to the users and controller hosts. 

Applied Technologies

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Raspberry Logo
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Our Role in Client Success

Our aim was to minimize the time spent looking for charging locations and connecting the user directly with a nearby charging station. The application and device will support the EV vehicle concept and reduce the need for conventional vehicles by providing quick access to charging stations and easy calculation of prices to be paid. Through this, anyone can easily provide the charging facilities to EV users without worrying about the infrastructure and software services to manage it. And with this solution, we are also promoting green energy solutions by addressing the main challenge to run an electric vehicle.

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