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Baseball Factory is a game record-keeping application designed specifically for baseball players. Users may quickly record all of the match's specifications and afterwards evaluate each and every detail. This powerful application provides users with a durable, easy-to-access, fast-loading, dynamic environment, and accurate analysis.

Business Challenge

This application was designed to turn the client's vision into a reality, where he wanted to provide a platform for baseball lovers to record and retain match details, as well as subsequently analyse all of the recorded details. He needed to incorporate a lot of graphs and tables with a great UI, and flutter was indeed the perfect solution.


According to the customer, an application should be well-designed, cost-effective, user-friendly, and cross-platform so that users may easily engage with and benefit from the application. Keeping all of this in mind, we designed this app using the Flutter framework. Users must first download the application and register themselves to explore other features of the application

Home - The home page displays the baseball teams that have been listed, as well as all of the team's information. Users may also transfer, remove, and search for a certain team or team member. Furthermore, customers may obtain extensive information about a certain team member in a graphical, chart-from, and sequence format, as well as filter the data.

Menu - Menu list shows the following options:

Team - After selecting the team choice, users will be sent to the main page.

Track has two options - choose an opponent and create an opponent. As an opponent team, users can select a current team or create a new one. Users may also set the team's pitching and batting order.

Analyze - Users may view the team's performance analysis and filter it by pitching and hitting.

Profile - In this part, users may easily modify their personal information and log out of the application.

Users may keep a detailed record of the game and use the application to forecast the outcome of the match.

63 Days


504 Hours

Working Hours

Dec 2020

Live Date

Applied Technologies

Our Role in Client Success

Baseball Factory precisely matches and fulfils consumer expectations, and has become one of the most popular platforms among baseball fans. Baseball fans may now record and analyse baseball match facts and information thanks to this application.

Our Client Says

Zehntech has developed something that is above expectation, of high quality, and flawless, while also improving user comprehension and efficacy. In comparison to other inferior applications, the prediction element is extremely fulfilling and engaging to users.

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