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Eway Bill is a fast-growing, social survey-based application, developed mainly for the group of people interested in or working in the economics and politics. The application’s scenario includes all the bills and budget documentation passed by the government recently.

Business Challenge

The customer desired to create a platform where people could view and access all of the information and data about the bills enacted by the government. Also, an app that can provide statistical data regarding the recently passed budget and its distributions so that people can quickly access and analyze the data, as well as provide feedback on it.


By taking all necessary measures, we build Eway Bills with Flutter’s framework, an open-source, user-friendly, and freely accessible application. Eway Bills helps them to cultivate their resources suitably. Users can freely add, edit and analyze their budget distribution list and also add their feedback also.

Home - Home page consists with the following sections to examine and comprehend the data immediately.

Budget Analysis – This section of the home page analyzes the budget in a statistical manner. Spending breakdown says the total contribution of your budget.

My budget - User can dd their budget from this section through the dragging bar. This budget will later add to the main budget analysis.

Leaders - More you interact with the application, the more points you’ll gain. The top three leaders are the highest scorers, hence shown on the home screen.

Bills – This section displays all the bills released by the government. Users can search the particular bill also from the search bar.

My Response - My response shows your added budget list with corresponding information as well.

Notification - In this, users will get notified immediately. All the necessary notifications will show over here.

Profile - Users can easily edit their profile, push notification, and even change the password and language of the application from here.

50 Days


3400 Hours

Working Hours

Oct 2020

Live Date

Applied Technologies

Our Role in Client Success

People who are interested in economics and politics are becoming more interested in the Eway Bill. This app is helping in the development of better decision - making.

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