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Fever tracking app is a leading mobile app that was developed to track fever (or any health issues). Users may enter their symptoms via the app to examine their health without regard for time or geography. This application can be helpful for health conditions such as fever, nausea, exhaustion, blood pressure, it even pregnancy by monitoring the user’s health, alerting them to medications, and even providing a report that the user can share with their doctors for better prescriptions.

Business Challenge

When we have a fever or a viral infection, we usually check the temperature once or twice a day, but after Covid now we need to monitor the temperature several times a day. There are mobile apps that provide these functionalities; however, most of them are expensive. Following that, a percentage-based report is as worthless as a glass hammer. So, the client wants to create a free app that uses graphs to assist individuals to keep track of their body temperature.


Keeping all of the requirements in mind, we built a fever tracking app with an open-source app development kit called Flutter. Users must first download the application and then register for the following procedure. Let's take a closer look at this app to learn more about the functionalities that we have created with the help of Flutter

Profile - After downloading the application, the following step is to create a profile. In this case, registration can be done directly from the relevant user's phone number or email address by filling out all of the required information. To make their profile more comprehensive, users can include pre-existing illnesses or current health issues, as well as RTPCR/antigen reports, temperature units, and so on.

Home - The app's first page displays a graphical analysis of users' health metrics using temperature differentiation in a statistical manner, as well as the ability to alter variations at the same time according to the inputs by the user.

Status -(+) buttons in the upper right corner of the home screen allow users to enter the time, temperature, symptoms, medicine, and so on for the specifics. When users click on the file button in the upper right corner, also known as the stored log, they may view their previously added logs.

Medications - Users can add medications according to on their health issues, intake time, and other preferences.

Default Profile - The default profile includes home, logs, medications, and settings. Four of them can be edited and visited at the same time by the user.

Graphical Representation-This application made analysis easier for the user and doctors; hence, graphical representation feature made this application distinct and sturdy in comparison to others.

Virtual Assistant - This application's features demonstrate everything. The most important aspects are timeliness, comprehensive reports, and dependability. Users can set alerts for their medications to minimise delays and, as a result, reduce future anxieties. The Fever-Tracking app keeps users up to date and improves their ability to stay fit, alert, and healthy.

66 Days


245 Hours

Working Hours

June 2021

Live Date

Applied Technologies

Our Role in Client Success

The fever tracking application has proven to be a success, and many users are benefiting from the app's functionality without having to pay anything. Flutter has helped our mobile development experts in creating a beautiful and engaging UI with the most advanced capabilities, resulting in time and cost savings.

Our Client Says

This app is valuable to people of all ages. The graphical depiction provides precise and understandable results to make users aware of their health. After using this application, a large percentage of users feel better and are more concerned about their health. The alarm function is quite useful since it allows people to take their medications on time while also making a report to protect themselves. Zehntech mobile app specialists have proven to be a valuable asset to my business.

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