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HBX, or HouseBox Document, is a multi-purpose mobile application for scanning documents. Users may scan, store, and update their papers as needed. This programme offers a user-friendly interface, easy access, safe file storing, and many other benefits.

Business Challenge

The major goal of developing this app is to give users with many areas of help through a strong and resilient environment. Working with a subpar application usually leads in unsatisfactory outcomes and a lack of security. The app's impressive techniques enabled it to compete while maintaining user confidence.


The HouseBox App is designed and built with the Flutter framework, which provides its users with an uninterrupted working environment. These numerous functions improved the platform's stability and usability, allowing it to outperform the rival app. This app's key features include the following:

Document icon - The document option allows users to edit, delete, download, search, and filter their documents. The bell icon allows the user to view all alerts and set an alarm for a better experience.

Home - The home page displays all recently scanned documents. The user can repeat the process described above, but only with recently opened documents.

Scanned Documents - Users may scan numerous documents, crop, rotate, and save them with various tags. Users will receive a notice when the document is saved, which will appear in the upper right corner of the screen.

Profile - The user can edit their profile at the profile area. In addition, the user can change the password, log out of the profile, alter information, and do a variety of other things. Personal information such as a password, email, profile picture, and phone number are all concealed. At the same time, activate the notice.

Stay Updated - When a new document is added to the file, users immediately alerted. The notification button may be turned on/off as needed.


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Our Role in Client Success

Based on the client's requirements, the Zehntech mobile app development team selected Flutter technology to establish a feature-rich and safe environment within the app for scanning and storing documents. The app and its capabilities were a huge success, and users were quite satisfied with the security of the documents that this app provided.

Our Client Says

Zehntech has created something very remarkable. Because customers have tried other applications that do not meet the compatibility of this app, High-quality documents, rapid scanning and uploading, easy interaction, alert, and so on are all very enjoyable and useful.

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