Spinal Care – Flutter Mobile App Development

Spinal Care is a telemedicine mobile application built to facilitate remote daignosis and treatment of patients with the help of video call. Here patients can select the prefereable doctors for consultaion and talk with them to get real time solution. This healthcare app has made treatment easier and more comfortable, resulting in faster outcomes and time savings.

Business Challenge

In a pandemic condition, diseases such as covid 19 rendered it hard to visit a doctor's office for a consultation. The client desired to create a mobile application that would provide a communication platform for patients and doctors, allowing patients to receive immediate assistance via video calls with doctors while staying at home.


By taking all the measures in mind, we build this application through Flutter’s framework, improve the functionality, and also provide a user-friendly environment. To remove this latency, users need to register themselves for better interaction. Let’s contemplate to know more about this application.

Home (Dashboard) - The homepage displays the dashboard of all the online, offline, waiting and active robot devices or rotating camera devices that are automatically connected when a doctor encounters his patients.

Waiting Encounters - Waiting encounters are the call requests waiting in the list until the doctor doesn’t accept.

Providers - All the listed doctors lie under this list with their name, specialty, and status. Doctors connect their calls through telecart, laptop, iPad, tablets, etc.

History - All the encountered history will be shown here. Encountered history also shows detailed information regarding the patients or video calls.

35 Days


1756 Hours

Working Hours

Jul 2020

Live Date

Applied Technologies

Our Role in Client Success

This has proven to be effective since direct communication with patients is detrimental to their health during a covid epidemic. To avoid this, Flutter app spinal care allows doctors to treat their patients quickly and efficiently.

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