World Tube Network (WTN) – Flutter Mobile App Development

World Tube Network (WTN) is a news publishing mobile application where users can find the latest updates and news on Technology, Legal, Crime, National, International, Lifestyle, Art, Entertainment, Sports, Business categories with the sole purpose to entertain the audience. Here updates are available in the form of text and videos.

Business Challenge

The client desired to create a user-friendly platform that would keep users up to date on current events happening around the world. He wanted to have easy to use, UI/UX rich mobile application where people can access the information in the form of text or videos.


The primary goal of creating this user-friendly application is to give a completely entertaining environment. The trending area keeps visitors up to date and improves their learning capabilities. However, before taking any action, users must first register. Let's move on to the app's features to discover more about it.

Home - On the home screen, all the latest videos and searched ones are shown over here. Scrolling can be interesting if you’re already prepared a search list. User can post their videos from the camera icon and search about specific videos effortlessly.

Explore - The compass-shaped icon or explored section at the bottom helps users explore more videos, made preference lists (like fashion, news, technology, etc.), and then enjoy the videos.

Notification - On the bell icon, WTN keeps them notified as per the updates. Users are all-time updated through notification.

Library - Library, as its name, is where all video-related information is gathered. History, downloads, playlists, liked videos, etc. are there.

116 Days


5568 Hours

Working Hours

June 2020

Live Date

Applied Technologies

Our Role in Client Success

WTN, a feature-rich news mobile application, has quickly become a fan favorite. This application has received a large number of downloads and positive user feedback in a relatively short period of time.

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