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Flight School is a flight training iOS iPad application in which the instructor may assign pre-uploaded courses to a specific individual. It includes PDFs of flight instructions, quizzes, certificates, and endorsements, as well as PDFs containing details of airplane models and cockpits, PNGs, and Jpegs that can be accessed by the students.

Business Challenge

The client desired to create an application that would serve as a single platform for all information and training materials related to the aviation industry. Students should be able to access video, picture, and text training materials here, and instructors should be able to assign courses to specific students.


Flight School is designed and built with the Flutter framework, a user-friendly mobile development application that focuses on a comprehensive availability of training notes and contemplates easy learning. Some core points of this app include:

Home – The homepage displays the task basket where users can write notes about their learning. On the top left corner of the screen, users can browse content, read PDFs, visit resources, view jpeg and PNG images, take quizzes, view additional lessons and take notes, view endorsement, certifications, and so on.

Notes Grid – In the notes grid users can easily note their content during the session and from the assessments.

Search Icon – Users can search their working projects, notes, and various modules related to the cockpit, airplane models, and everything that is saved in the application.

Profile – In the profile section, users can edit their profile by changing their personal and mailing details, log out of the profile, and many more.

80 Days


3740 Hours

Working Hours

Oct 2020

Live Date

Applied Technologies

Our Role in Client Success

Flight School is become one of the best Flight training application this application is started using by many professionals to improve their knowledge and skills with the help of high quality training material and an easy-to-use interface.

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