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Town Taxi is a comfortable and safe mode of transportation, and passengers may book a journey via a mobile application. With the user's location, this app locates nearby taxis and estimates the time it will take to arrive at the user's location, allowing users to select and book a ride.

Business Challenge

The client wanted to build a town taxi app that would make it easy for users to book a ride and ensure that they had a nice and safe ride.


By keeping all the client’s requirements in the mind, we developed this application by using Flutter’s framework, an open-source and cross-platform give an amazing user-friendly experience.

Home - From here, users can easily book a cab in just 3 steps. Users can also select a payment method and can cancel the ride anytime.
Menu - This displays the list of various items such as
Profile - The user's profile will be displayed over here. Users can easily modify their profile details from here. Also, users can find FAQs and help & support option.
Home - Users will jump back to the homepage, once they tap on this.
My Wallet - The user's wallet information (Bank balance and payment method) will be shown here. Users can also alter the wallet information from here.
History - History shows all the past rides (in detail) that a user took.
QR Code - Users can scan the QR code to pair up with the driver’s device before starting their ride.
Invite Friends - Users can help their friends or colleagues through the online invitation of Town Taxi.
Logout - Users can log out of the application anytime and immediately.

140 Days


1121 Hours

Working Hours

Mar 2020

Live Date

Applied Technologies

Our Role in Client Success

Town taxi has provided the easiest and safest way to book a ride. It has become a popular app not just in the local community, but also nationwide.

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