Dex Sheet

Dex Sheet is a project management tool created by Team Zehntech as per the client’s requirement and specificationsIt is just the solution that the client needed and had in mind. The solution eases the work of a project manager by helping him manage the numerous project management activities he has to perform, in an efficient and orderly fashion.  

Business Challenge

Project management is a complex task specially in the case where there are multiple projects to be managed by a single project manager. A typical project management involves estimating, scheduling, assigning task, status updates and many more activities. To make life simpler a project manager needs a kind of tool which can help them to orchestrate the whole process. The customer had a functional solution and wanted to get the same implemented.


With our process of understanding the customer problem, brain storming and involving domain expert lead us to creating this solution which the customer named as dexsheet. It allows project manager to create tasks, assigning them to team member, and check the overdue status. This is a simple tool where the Task owner can simply create tasks, and assign them to team members, specify an ETA with the ease of a standard spreadsheets, which most of the manager find very continent. Adding a slice on a cake, this tool provides facility to view the tasks on a calendar!

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Applied Technologies

Our Role in Client Success

Team Zehntech analyzed the conceptual solution given by the customer, did multiple brainstorming sessions to refine the solution, evaluating the right technology stack, methodology and process suitable to develop this product. In the next phase we created the wireframes for the same so that the solution can be visualized before it gets implemented. The wireframes were finalized after few iterations of implementation of customer suggestions. The product was developed using Agile Scrum methodology with backend in Python flask and Front End in Angular 7.


A company from the UK that provides visitor reception software and follows the highest standers of customers supports.The team has great experience in creating management software for the event business companies.

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