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Supercharge Your Sales Process With Salesforce!

We have a team of experienced Slaesforce experts, who are happy to help you in elevating your business.

    Elevate Business to The Next Level with Salesforce

    Ensure higher-level experience for customers, employees, and partners with Zehntech’s Salesforce services. Leverage your business with updated systems and technology. To help accelerate enterprises’ cloud journey we grip innovative multi-cloud solutions and modern technologies with our domain expertise.

    We work on transforming the way businesses communicate and manage their customers, products, partners, and even employees. Gain competitive Salesforce development services with a record of 100% client satisfaction. By working on salesforce, we deliver only perfect and futuristic solutions.

    With Salesforce Get a Customizable Blueprint for Your Sales

    • Glance your potential leads at One Place.
    • Get a cluster of client details.
    • One step contract management solution.

    Gear Up Your Sales
    with Increased Productivity

    • Maintain a record of your core activities
    • Speed up your intellect and personalize the transactions
    • Utilize the unmatched power of the best CRM tool and build customized dashboards

    Salesforce Empowers You to Work Strategically

    Zehntech has fortified its abilities and offerings driving excellent customer experiences and serves globally. The running of the business has completely changed with the emergence of the sales force. Businesses are transformed to bring employees, vendors, and customers on a unified platform for enhanced efficiency through the diverse Salesforce platforms. Zehntech renders distinct Salesforce Development Services. You can create an everlasting relationship with customers with the help of our Salesforce developers who incorporate an array of technologies and industry best Salesforce standards.

    Counted among the best top Salesforce development companies, we specialize in the best practices, tools, and technology platforms to develop immaculate Salesforce solutions. Not just domestic but our team of professionals serves a global client base with scalable, reliable, and secure Salesforce development solutions. Our skillful team of Salesforce perfectionists with all their expertise will make sure that you lead towards business success.

    50+ Salesforce Projects

    20+ Salesforce Consultants

    10+ Years of Expertise in Salesforce

    Betterment of Workflow with Salesforce-powered Transformation

    User-friendly Applications

    Technical and non-technical people can easily navigate through the Salesforce platform by point-clicking and drag-and-drop means. It allows users to just log in to the platform, explore, and use customized services. Salesforce development is preferable for organizations having professionals of various backgrounds due to its user-friendly nature.

    Strategic Development of Teams

    Sales and marketing activities are improvised with the help of timely calendars, dashboards, custom reports, email features, etc. Thus, it’s a great opportunity for the sales and marketing teams to improve their performance. The right opportunities, lead conversions, deals, customers, increased sales and revenues, etc. are generated.

    Enhanced Collaboration

    To enhance communication and collaboration Salesforce Collaboration Cloud is an extensive cloud service. This cloud service and Chatter feature of Salesforce enable the users to collaborate with each other. Hence you can keep track of the updates, projects, and other issues. As a result, one can easily move along the business track of the organization.

    Better Customer Relations

    For any organization, customer relations are very important. So, every firm should maintain good relations with them. Certain Salesforce development features help to keep in touch with them. A firm can deal with queries, customized demands, feedback, transactions, deliveries, and other such elements.

    Insightful Analysis

    Be the God of your own business by predicting the statistics, marketing, and other important aspects. Generate reports based on the prediction and be the industry leader with predetermined plans.

    Diversified App Development

    In the design and development of various business web and mobile apps, Salesforce development has a major role. Nowadays, everything is possible through app services. Through various applications, many business activities are often carried out. They help in improving the business standards, values, and also other significant operations also insightful instincts can be brought by them.

    Mobile Business Processes

    One of the most significant elements nowadays is mobile phones. As business mobile apps are enabled by Salesforce development it allows the employees to process their activities through their mobiles which enables faster internet access. Hence salespeople can get updated on trendy sales, leads, etc. with the help of the sales force.

    Facilitative Better Integrations

    Various services, platforms, etc. are used by different organizations. But sometimes adopting various other technologies and services to the existing platform will be necessary. They are integrated with the help of Salesforce Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) along with Salesforce development. Different types of APIs and development techniques are, therefore, useful for organizations.

    Process We Follow

    Gathering Information

    ​​​​​​​To begin your project, we will first work on gathering information, consulting about your requirements, and analyzing the resources we have. On the basis of all this, we will plan our work and strategize accordingly.

    UI/UX Design

    With the help of the latest designing tools, we create catchy and charming designs to make it the best user-friendly experience. The designs will be approved by you and feedback on the same will be considered.


    We will then start the development of a mobile application/web/blockchain using the latest tools and technologies with transparency. The development will be customized as per your needs.

    Quality Assurance

    At Zehntech we value quality and hence we provide a 100% bug-free application with no compromise in it. We follow a unified process starting from project analysis till completion to ensure the quality of our work.


    At this stage, we install, configure, update, and enable the application and make it available for use after trial and following all processes. Your app is ready to launch on the App Store or Play Store.

    Support & Maintenance

    The team is always ready to answer every query after deployment and thus our company offers you all support and maintenance. You can consult with our team for any maintenance query as well.

    Salesforce Backup Services offered by Zehntech

    Strategic advice and roadmap creation to ideally achieve business goals through uncovering, experience design, evaluation, and planning. At Zehntech we provide full-fledged Salesforce Consulting Services to unleash the real wonders that can be done by the salesforce to businesses. Let’s make sales, service, and marketing processes more cohesive.

    There is no ‘one code fits all’ solution on the web so get exactly what you need to move in the right direction and is ensured by a custom code built. Grab it all from building lead capture forms to 3rd party integrations. Complex business logic can be achieved by the codes created by our salesforce developers.

    Drive penetrating planning and enlightened decisions through the right data design and unblemished integration. A more engaged customer and employee experience are created with the help of Salesforce integration. Solve complex business logic with reliable solutions, hence making your business processes self-operational.

    Salesforce Development

    Comprehensive Salesforce-based enterprise solutions are created in our Salesforce development service. Your way of interacting with your customers has transformed. Utilizing Salesforce technologies, we will help you unleash your business’s full potential. We analyze your business inside-out and then prepare a solution that matches all of your CRM needs. Hence, we will help you decide the best customization for your enterprise.


    Every Salesforce Solution No matter how well-executed it is requiring some additional changes once it starts functioning. Zehntech offers Salesforce support and maintenance services across all Salesforce products. This ensures constant enhancement and improved results. We will provide a team of salesforce experts who will always be available to help you in maintaining error-free systems. We will also support and enhance existing functionalities.

    Unlimited retention of all your Salesforce data. Your time spent tediously managing backups is eliminated by Automated daily Salesforce backup. Also, recovery scenarios are built natively within your Salesforce instance. Store your backup data for as long as you like. Choose when to delete individual records for compliance with data protection laws. With multiple layers of encryption, your backups are stored securely.

    Salesforce REST API Management

    One of several web interfaces that you can use to access your Salesforce data without using the Salesforce user interface is REST API. Operations can be performed with API access, and you can also integrate Salesforce into your applications as you like. To create, manipulate, and search data in Salesforce you can use REST API tools by sending HTTP requests to endpoints in Salesforce.

    Salesforce Data Import/Export

    The act of pulling or pushing data (or data sets) between various software applications is Data importing and exporting. The original format of the information used in your data source’s app is translated into the format used by another system. Through machine processes, such as data transformation and transcoding, this translation can be automated.

    Salesforce Application Migration

    One of the crucial steps is the Migration of your data from existing legacy systems into a new or existing Salesforce environment. Cleansing, organizing, and de-duplicating your data will be done by our team in a painless and user-friendly way, this will make it more manageable and simplified.

    Salesforce Administrator Connection & Deployment

    We deploy Salesforce applications adhering to the business procedures that help you overcome challenges and meet business targets. A Salesforce user with system administration duties and other superpowers is a Salesforce administrator or “admin”. They are responsible for setting up a Salesforce for their organizations and making sure it runs smoothly.

    Salesforce Products We Work On


    To quickly and securely import, export, and delete unlimited amounts of data for your enterprise we Use the most popular data loader. With a data loader, we will ensure increased productivity and efficiency across your enterprise by connecting your apps, your people, and your digital HQ with MuleSoft and Slack.


    A powerful, web-based suite of tools designed to interact with organizations is Workbench. This tool allows the Salesforce Administrators and Developers to interact with Salesforce organization or Force APIs to update, delete, insert, and export data. Just clicking on the unique ID provided in the query Salesforce Workbench allows you to edit records.

    Why Zehntech?

    Improve Business Process

    Because for many customers their initial setup didn’t maximize their investment and therefore the system isn’t meeting expectations, we help them. Our expert Salesforce developers will help you achieve cleaner, more organized data, automate your workflow process, extend mobile capabilities, and utilize enhanced analytics. This will show your executive team the added benefit from your Salesforce roll-out. Your business will be easily regulated with the help of the Salesforce app we create.


    We complete our projects faster and deliver on the primary time. We care about our clients’ needs and thus one of our first steps in any integration is to concentrate on our clients and to figure closely with them throughout the project. Hence the client has maximum involvement throughout the whole process providing a customized, holistic approach that drives the utmost value. We have a staff of experienced Salesforce developers including business analysts, solution architects, development experts, and quality assurance professionals.

    We Focus on Clean Data

    Business decisions and support to process automation are provided by the information in your CRM. It is said that poor decisions are made, and automatic processes are less effective if the info surfaced in reports and dashboards and used for process automation is bad. Hence our focus is on clean data.

    Proven Methodologies & Strong Industry Expertise

    We have all sizes of customers across all industries like high-tech, financial services, professional healthcare services, distribution, and retail. Also, years of leading Salesforce development are embedded in our greatest practice methodologies, since successful CRM implementations aren’t just about the software.

    Affordable And
    Simple Approach

    We have a straight-talk approach to business. We mention business opportunities and the way to extend productivity and grow top-line sales. You’ll get a far better experience after choosing us. We will provide the best Salesforce consultants who will deliver on time and within budget.

    Salesforce Services FAQs?


    We have tremendous experience and expertise in giving Salesforce consultation and execution services. We tailor our services for our clients to suit best as far as cost, and business incentives to flourish their business relationships.

    Yes! In fact, Salesforce is the world’s #1 customer relationship management (CRM) platform. All the possible features are provided by Salesforce in a well-defined and customized manner.

    Salesforce has been serving customers solutions for every industry in the market. The ones which mostly use it are financial services, Healthcare & Life sciences, Retails industry, etc.

    Salesforce is an application development platform that is a cloud-based PaaS solution and provides features to automate the business processes on a customized manner, integrate with external apps, etc.

    A Salesforce development company offers consulting, development, implementation, migration, support, etc. services. The Salesforce solutions you get will be customized as per your CRM needs.

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