Telemedicine: A Boon for Humanity in the Current Pandemic Outbreak

Telemedicines the future of health care industry
In this Pandemic situation digital solutions helping people to stay at home, telemedicine is another solution allowing people to opt for online consultations from doctors and medical practitioners.

In the wake of the pandemic outbreak world over, many of us have come quite into the worry well category. Cold, Throat Infections, Fever, Breathing Problems, Fatigue; these have all become the buzz words for us, and even the slightest of symptoms of any of such issues can cause a severe adrenaline rush thereby taking us down with a sudden panic. And the first thing we want to do here is going for medical consultations.   

However, rushing to the hospitals and healthcare centers amidst this situation, where the case counts and the number of COVID 19 patients are getting unmanageable, is also not a preferable thing to do. This is only going to make the places crowded and things more difficult and unmanageable. Also, there shall be exposure to increased risks of getting caught by the infection for you as well as the healthcare officials and doctors. And this is the last thing any of us wants to happen.   

It is a need of the hour today that we stay at our homes and stay safe. Self-Quarantine, Self-Care, this is what the conditions as of now demand. But as much as that is needed, the need for healthcare facilities can also not be ignored. It is not just about panic rising from the symptoms of the coronavirus outbreak that people need medical assistance, but it is also a fact that a huge lot of the population is in constant need of healthcare facilities and medical attention due to chronic illness and diseases. So, what is a possible solution?  

Well, talking of the coronavirus, it is not every time that a person needs to get tested or admitted. Some symptoms just show, but they might just be a normal illness due to weather change or something else. And the best thing to do in such situations is to consult your doctor via phone calls or messages before rushing to them unannounced. This will help with two things; first, it will prevent the clinics, medical centers, and hospitals from getting crowded and increasing the risks of exposure; second, it will lower the burden on the doctors and the nurses.   

Also, the governments have urged the people to opt for telemedicine facilities where you could get online consultations from doctors and medical practitioners. Keeping up with this, many organizations are constantly working to make these facilities available. Such facilities connect you virtually with your doctor, and you could have a complete diagnosis performed without any physical contact.   

The technology has become that advanced so as to facilitate easy and convenient remote diagnosis. All that is required is an uninterrupted and good video experience. Then with that, the doctors can easily diagnose the patient. The breathing and pulse rate could be checked through the digital stethoscopes, and even the throat and nose can be checked by using a good torch at the remote end. So, an initial diagnosis could be performed, and then your doctor could easily refer you the treatment you need.   

So, with the telemedicine solutions, doctors could be available for you at the safety of their homes, and this will prevent even them from exposure. Besides that, there are also bots and other AI tools and techniques that are making these facilities possible. These bots could easily connect you with medical practitioners. Moreover, there are also applications that provide complete information about the coronavirus and COVID 19 and also give insight on how you can stay protected. You can clear all your queries with such applications.  

Besides that, telemedicine can also be used as a very useful facility for those in constant need of medical assistance. With such facilities, the doctors can keep in touch with their patients who are suffering from chronic diseases and make sure of their continuous and uninterrupted treatments. Many doctors are being available, too, and treating patients with cardiac problems and diseases such as diabetes and cancer. There are devices that allow the people to examine their health on their own, and then they can simply send their reports to the doctors for their analysis and prescriptions.  

So, telemedicine has come as a big-time solution for everyone in the wake of this dreaded situation, and the perfect use of it is surely going to serve humanity well. It is, without a doubt, a boon to humanity in these conditions, and it will always serve as that boon. It is one great way to have access to medical facilities while making sure of the safety of both the doctors as well as the patients and is a good way to prevent overcrowding and exposure. This is what India needs to combat the situation.   

With constant efforts and our hands joined together, we can all get through this. Let us all hope for the best! Stay Home! Stay Safe! 

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