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Why WordPress? Find Your Answers Here!

WordPress is a content management system that is used by millions of people, including some big brands, to manage their content through personal blogs and websites. It provides you the flexibility to create any kind of website, from simplest of blogs to complex websites for big businesses. The numerous benefits and features that WordPress has to offer to its users, made it the most popular, powerful and robust content management system today.

But is this popularity a reason enough for you to choose WordPress?

Well, there is no denial to the fact that WordPress has helped businesses expand exponentially and you will never regret choosing WordPress for your website. But, if you are still pondering upon the thought and considering the pros and cons, here are some reasons that will clear all your doubts and help you make the right choice.

Why should I use WordPress for my website?

  • WordPress is Free and Open Source
WordPress never charges anything from its users. You can freely do whatever you like on WordPress. There are some premium WordPress development services, such as having your own custom domain name, web hosting and more, and you need to pay for such services, but that is no compulsion. You can easily create any domain name that WordPress allows, and you are good to go. It also never charges you anything even after you start minting money and earning huge profits from your website. Moreover, it is open source which provides developers the ease to modify and customize the source code as per their needs.
  • WordPress is Highly Customizable
WordPress understands the need of its users to stay unique and stand out, and it efficiently fulfils that need. With WordPress, you need not stick to some pre-designed templates, themes or designs. You can customize everything the way you like. You can make changes to the themes, designs and templates available on WordPress as per your needs, or you can create a new theme and design for your website right from scratch.
  • WordPress offers Great Multimedia Support
Media files enhance the look of your website. But many times, it is difficult to upload them because of constraints relating to the size of the file or its format. However, you need not worry about all this when you are using WordPress. WordPress offers extensive multimedia support and you can upload just about any file you like, sound, graphic, video or whatever. WordPress supports it all.
  • WordPress offers Seamless Integration Functionalities
WordPress has a number of plugins that you can integrate in your website to have additional functionalities. You can choose from the plugin repository, or you can create your own plugins and add them in the plugin repository. It also offers API integration, so that you can simply manage your website from third-party platforms as well. You can also integrate your ERP and CRM software with your WordPress website which will help you manage your data with greater ease.
  • WordPress is Easy to Manage and Maintain
WordPress initially started as a blogging site, mostly aimed for non-tech savvy users, so it has functionalities that are very easy to understand and can be used by anyone. Also, once you create a website, you can very easily manage it without much efforts. Even the maintenance costs are minimal. With its customization tools, you can anytime change the themes and designs of your website, keeping it as good as new.
  • WordPress is Responsive and SEO Friendly
Often, a site looks wonderful when accessed through a particular device, but it is not responsive to any other device. This poses a problem to the users and reduces your website traffic. WordPress solves this problem for you. A WordPress website is responsive to any kind of device, so whether you access the website through a PC, laptop, tablet or mobile phone, it will appear the same and give the users similar experiences irrespective of the device they are using. It is also SEO friendly and automatically generates titles for your data and content that will make them rank higher in the search engines.
  • WordPress just gets Better Everyday
WordPress has gained a lot of popularity and there has been no stopping for it since the time it started. It is continuously improving, bringing about changes, advancements and new functionalities for its users to continually provide them with best of services and experiences. With all these features and benefits, WordPress is no doubt the best content management system and website builder that you can use. I hope this article has been helpful enough to answer your questions about WordPress and has finally ended your quest for a good content management system.

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