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Notch Up Your Business with WordPress!

WordPress is one of the most popular CMS today. It offers a range of functionalities for creating web solutions. Almost 32% of the websites that you see today, are powered by WordPress and it is the best platform from where you can create your digital presence through a website.

It has best-in-class features that keep things simple for its users. It offers the users a plethora of advantages that makes it the most preferred choice for web development solutions.

  • Flexibility

    Whatever be the kind of website you want to create; WordPress is the platform for you. WordPress offers flexibility in creating any kind of websites, from personal blogs to complex websites for MNCs. It also provides various customization tools so that you have flexibility in choosing your own themes and designs and make your website look the way you want it to look.

  • Plugins

    WordPress has a plugin directory through which you can add any number of plugins to create additional features that are not available in the core, or you can also develop your own plugins, which you can later host on plugin directory

  • User Management

    Working on a website is a team work. Every member of the team has different roles to play and so they need different access to the website. WordPress allows the administrator of the website to manage this user access, so that there are no security threats.

  • Minimal Coding

    Unlike other CMS, which require a certain level of technical and coding knowledge, WordPress keeps the coding requirements to minimal. This way even the beginners can use WordPress freely.

  • Cost Effective

    Cost is a very important factor to be considered while running business. WordPress is a very cost-effective solution for your IT problems because it is an open source network and you can freely use it.

Zehntech's WordPress Development Services

Create a digital presence for your business with Zehntech's WordPress Development Services. We have a one stop solution for all your WordPress problems.

WordPress Migration Services

We often come across platforms that offer to create a website at very low costs, say $10, and we get fascinated and create a website. These websites do work but have some limitations due to which we cannot improvise or customize, and eventually the website loses its appeal. Have you faced a similar situation? Or do you have your website on any other platform? Well, migrating it to WordPress just became easier.

We help you bring your website and its contents on WordPress from any other CMS like Drupal, Blogger, etc. without going into the long-driven, time-consuming procedures. Just a few simple steps and you shall be done having your website on WordPress.

WordPress will eliminate the limitations that you face on other platforms and provide you with a much better user experience.

Custom WordPress Development

A good theme and design is the mantra to create a wonderful website. WordPress offers a variety of themes and designs you can choose from for your website. But these themes and designs are available to everyone and any theme you choose might be in use by a number of other people and businesses. This creates a need to create something new and unique. And you can do this with our custom wordpress development services.

We create a theme and design for your website right from scratch so that your website stays unique and you stand out among the crowd.

WordPress e-Commerce Development Services

e-Commerce is a fast-growing industry today. Almost every business is on e-commerce platforms and minting money through their online stores. With WordPress you can easily leverage the opportunity for your business. You can have your e-Commerce website on WordPress or give your website that look and feel and publicize and sell your products through it, earning easy profits.

WordPress also offers a WooCommerce plugin through which you can create your own online store, add shopping cart and other features to the store. You can also integrate other plugins to the WooCommerce plugin which serves as an added benefit.

ERP and CRM Integration With WordPress

We seamlessly integrate your ERP system with WordPress so that you need not manage your ERP system and your website separately. This integration provides you with all that you want to manage your works. It provides you excellent user management capabilities and helps you manage your data with great ease.

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