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Zehntech: Relaunching a Success With a Digital Push

With an objective to create brand awareness on digital platforms, we are rejuvenating ourselves a bit, with a brand new website. After spending 5 successful years in the industry, we are now looking to further strengthen the brand value with a digital push. Well, before going into depth of the process of redesigning the website, I would like to share our experiences and changing thoughts according to the trends. 

Launching of Website

We started our journey 5 years back in 2013 as an IT product and service company. We work in a dynamic environment and there had been a technological and digital shift in the market. There was a trend away from the manual, traditional methods of carrying out business and going digital was in vogue. We, being in the IT industry, considered it important to follow this fashion. So, intending to keep up with this changing environment, we decided to promote our products and services through a website. So, we built our first company website, which was a hi-tech complex website and used the latest technology with a simple non-graphical UI. 

Experience with the Website

Well, our idea showed up and the website got appreciation. With the website, anyone could easily get the idea of our technological efficiency, and clients started appreciating our efforts. We could easily promote our technological efficiency with the website. 

 Now, you must be thinking that if everything was perfect then what compelled us to redesign our website? 

Here is where the problem lies?

We were having a rich, technologically perfect website with a simple UI and yes, we were mobile responsive as well. However, over the time we realized that although we were getting a good amount of hits on the website, people did not stay on it for a long time and the bounce rate was high enough to hurt our tag of perfection. We were keen to know the reasons for such a high bounce rate, so with the help of some tools, we analyzed that users could not find a way to navigate through the website, and it was really difficult for them to move from one page to another, which ultimately left them no option but to exit from the website. 

It had become the need of the hour for us to find a solution to this problem because less user interaction was ultimately resulting in less business through the website. So, here is how we reached a solution. 

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The solution to the Existing Problem

The analytics tools helped us to find out the ways in which we could improve the overall interaction. After lot of analysis on the website, competitors, market trends and search engine trends, we arrived at the conclusion that we needed to modernize our website. Keeping up with the advanced technological integration, we also needed to have a better and interactive UX and to beautify UI phase to hold our audience and let them feel the liveliness of the website. 

With this idea of modernization, we have introduced an easy to navigate UI/UX website structure with the integration of modern media tools like graphics, animations, and videos.  

Our Approach

Only the right approach can bring you the results and we felt this approach to be the designing and launching of a logo, as a logo is as important as a website. A famous American graphical designer, Saul Bass said: 

“Logos are a graphical extension of the internal realities of a company”

So, moving ahead with this thought, with the help of a graphic designer, after lots of suggestions and discussions we came to the conclusion that we will have an initial of our brand name with blue color as our logo. Blue was our first choice to show our depth and stability. With blue, we wanted to show the calm and confidence that we pursue to grow any business with our expertise. 

After having a perfect logo, it was time to move on to solving the major problem that our users were facing with the website. We had to create a navigation structure that would allow users to comfortably navigate through the website. For this, there was a need to create a better UI/UX which is very important to us because with it we could solve the problem that we were facing with our previous website. 

So, we created a better UI/UX by explaining how we can solve business problems as their extended IT hands, what we have done so far and what we are aiming for. We are now relaunching our website with all new look to enhance user experience and avoid any kind of previously mentioned situations.

With our experience, I would like to answer some of the questions that can help you grow your understandings regarding websites and their workings. 

  1. “Does a hi-tech complex website work? 
    Being a software company, in the past 5 years, we realized that having a high tech complex website does not have any worth if our audience cannot find a way to explore more about us. 

Let us understand this with a situation, being a businessperson have you ever got a thought where you are having potential customers on your company website, but they cannot find a way to contact you? This is one of the worst nightmares a businessperson can ever have. Similarly, a high tech website can get potential customers, but people may not exactly understand the working and they might lose interest, ultimately leading to loss of website traffic and in turn the customers. So, having a hi-tech complex website is after all, not a good idea.

  1. Is creating a website enough to get the business?

As much as having a website is important, it is being good and effective is what matters. A website shall not give you good business unless it is maintained properly and effectively. You need to be responsive over your website. Creating a website, leaving it unattended, and still expecting business out of it is just like expecting a machine to run without even turning on the power. A machine won’t run all by itself, it needs a bit of manual push, so is the case with a website. In this situation, Digital marketing can help us to get the desired results and make the worth of the website.

  1. Is receiving a good amount of hits on the website enough? 

A person hitting the website, must stay on the website for a sufficient time. Many times it happens, we hit on some links or a website, but immediately leave it, maybe because the website doesn’t appeal to us, or we are unable to understand its UI/UX or maybe the website doesn’t contain what we are looking for. This increases the bounce rates of the website. So, just receiving hits is not enough, it is equally important to keep your audiences engaged and interested in the website and the simple key to this is, have a simple, modernized and advanced UI/UX. 

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