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Let’s Get Your E-Commerce Store Started With Proper and Efficient Implementation

If you are a retail business functioning in some local traditional boundaries and looking out to boost your capabilities and business reach to a wider audience, then getting on to an online platform with your own e-commerce website will be the best thing that you could do. And when it comes to building an e-commerce store, the first thing you have to do is make your choice of platform and you can never miss Magento for that choice

Magento is the most robust e-commerce development platform out there loaded with fantastic features and functionalities that can amazingly enhance the e-commerce experiences for you. However, using this platform requires proper implementation and setting up and that in turn requires technical expertise on the part of the user. You can have this technical expertise with us and have your Magento platform successfully implemented and set up to give out excellent user experiences that lead to highest levels of customer satisfaction with our Magento Implementation Services. 

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What We Offer?

We, at Zehntech offer you all kinds of services that are necessary for the smooth implementation of your e-commerce platform so that you can leverage the capabilities of your e-commerce stores. 

Magento Installation and Setup​

To start up with Magento, you first need to install it and set it up on your system. However, there are many versions of Magento out there and the installation and setting up is quite tricky. So, you need the services of an expert professional so that you could have the platform installed to your system to start up with your e-commerce store. We offer these Magento Installation and Setup Services and make sure that we install the latest version of Magento for your system so that you can enjoy the extensive features, functionalities, and capabilities of this robust platform.

Magento UI/UX Designing and Implementation

It is very important that your store has an easy to use and easy to understand user interface so that it leaves out amazing user experiences. We help you design and implement such user interfaces for your Magento store with our Magento UI/UX Designing and Implementation Services and make sure that your users are having fantastic experiences from your e-commerce store so that you get higher conversions and better sales that will lead your business to growth, success, and profitability.

Magneto Implementation Consulting

When you are making a transition from being a local traditional business to becoming an online marketplace, you need assistance and guidance for the proper implementation of that e-commerce website. We offer this guidance to you with our Magento Implementation Consulting Services. We have a thorough discussion with you about your needs and requirements and then prepare a proper implementation strategy for your store so that you can have an insight into how your store will look like once it is built and ready.

Magento Security Monitoring and Implementation

Security is an important aspect for your Magento e-commerce store. You have all your necessary data over it. All your customer details, order details, shipment details, product details, and such other things, they are all maintained over this platform. So, if any unauthorized person gets access to your store, you are in for huge losses. So, you need to keep your store prevented from all kinds of security breaches by implementing all necessary security patches over your store. We implement all these security patches over your store and we also monitor the security of your store continuously so that we can ensure that the security is maintained at all the times.

Magento Plugin Implementation

Plugins are great ways to add features and functionalities to your e-commerce store. And just like the themes and templates, you can have a lot of them available readily in the Magento Plugin Directory. Moreover, Magento also offers the capabilities to customize your own plugins and later add them to the plugin directory. Well, whatever you do, whether you choose a readily available plugin or customize one for meeting your unique needs, you will need to implement it over your store. And you can leave the job to us. With our Magento Plugin Implementation Services, we implement the plugins that will best cater to your needs to gain fantastic experiences from your Magento Store.

Magento Theme Implementation

The theme of your e-commerce store is very important. It is what resembles your business model. So, it is very important that the theme you choose be relevant to the type of your business. Also, these themes should be catering to your business needs and requirements. But there will hardly be any theme that you will find meeting all your needs perfectly and they will requires some level of customization. Moreover, creating customized themes will add to the uniqueness of your website and help your store stand out amongst the crowd which is very important for you to create a niche in the market. Furthermore, you need to have these themes implemented into your store after they are developed and customized. We do it all for you with our Magento Theme Customization Services and Magento Theme Implementation Services. 

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How We Work
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First Contact 

In the initial discussion, we learn about your business, offerings, goals, challenges, & expectations.

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Requirement Documentation 

Key project requirements & deliverables are mutually decided & documented.

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Product Development 

All team members use their technological prowess, expertise, & experience to provide solutions as per business requirements.

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Quality Checks & Assurance 

The demo is put through vigorous quality checks & tests to ensure security & performance as per standards.

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UAT, Remediation, & Enhancements 

Your solution is tested by its intended audience before the final launch. Issues are fixed by experts & suggestions are accommodated.

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Final Launch 

After the success of UAT, the launch-ready product is handed over to you. We also provide support & training when you need it.

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Why Zehntech?

With us, you can get the best-in-class Magento Implementation Services that are sure to scale up your business and take it up a notch.

Expert and Experienced Team

We have a team of skilled, experienced, and expert professionals who have amazing technical know–how related to Magento and can deliver you the best-in-class Magento services.

Best-in-Class Magento Implementation

With the technical expertise and knowledge we have, with us you can be sure of getting only the best-in-class Magento implementations for your e-commerce store.

Best Industry Practices

We follow the best industry practices, methodologies, and techniques to carry out the Magento Implementation as well as other Magento related services for your Magento store.

On-time Delivery

With us, you have your project well-managed, every job completed efficiently and well-in-time with an on-time completion and delivery of your project.

All-Time Support

We offer you an all-time support for all our services and are always available to solve any query, issue, or problem you face in the course of your working on your Magento store.

Extensive Experience in Magento Implementation

We have an extensive experience of 5+ years in performing Magento Implementations as well as other Magento related Services.

Excellent Communication

We make sure that we are always there to solve your queries during and after the project and maintain proper communication with you all through our association.

Project Management

We manage your project in the best ways and give you daily and weekly reports regarding the progress of the project and take continuous feedbacks so that we make sure that everything is working out to the best of your expectations.

Frequently Asked Questions

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This totally depends on the kind of implementation services you require. We offer all our services at the most reasonable and budgeted costs. You can have different packages for our services. You can also get combo packages for the implementation services. Moreover, you can have these combo packages customized as well as per your requirements. We can have a discussion with you and design the perfect and most cost-effective plan for you that will cater to all your needs and requirements.

This again depends on the kind of implementation services you want to avail of. Usually services like theme implementation, plugin implementation, installation and setup do not take much time and will be implemented within no time. The services like security monitoring and implementation are ongoing and continuous so there is no end to them.

Magento is a robust platform and it has a considerable ease of use. However, the platform still requires a certain degree of technical expertise on the part of the user and you can get this technical expertise only at the hands of expert professionals who have experience in working over the Magento platform. With Magento Implementation Services, you know that the job is being performed by the professionals and you can be assured of quality services. Also, if you go on performing the implementation all by your own, you shall lose a considerable amount of your time and this shall leave you with no time to invest in the other strategic and revenue 

generating jobs that require more of your attention. So, it would be best if you opt for Magento Implementation Services so that you can have the job done by the experts while you continue to focus on the jobs that really need you.

Magento 2 version has some of the far advanced functionalities than any of the previous versions. This way you can rest assured to get comprehensive store productivity. In case, there is a core or theme customization required then our team will review it first before going ahead with the Magento Migrate process

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